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CC Brooches for Sale for Mother's Day

The first picture is like a vintage-style brooch. These are ON HAND-available-ready to ship brooches that you can purchase right now for Mother's Day. Buy a special gift for your wife, mother, or sister. Please contact me or visit my website: CHANEL BROOCHES

Petchay Today

Last Saturday, I was able to share some petchay with our friends Anne and Scott. And today I sauteed these greens with green onions and tomatoes and top them with fried eggs. It was delicious. 

Landscaping in My Own Way

It was very windy and cold which is why I dressed up crazy in my garden. "Lord bless the works of my hands if  You are willing I won't do this landscaping thing again because the rocks are too heavy. I am not getting any younger which my back and legs hurt. Lord if You are willing if I needed a landscaper someday to improve my garden, provide me 1,500-3000 dollars to pay them. 

Transferring My Watercress Into a Small Swimming Pool Bucket

So, this is the outcome of my watercress garden. As you keep reading I will show you how I did mine. I know you have your own ways to plant your watercress, I also have my own way too. 

Growing My Own Watercress

I like to plant watercress because it reminds me of the past when we were little my mother used to go to this particular place near the water tank in Delles which has abundant watercress. My late Mom used to sautee with onion and fried anchovies(karing nga kunada) and it was yummy. 

Accident in Our Neighborhood


We were on our way going home yesterday when we saw this accident. 

Garden Pictures During Rainy Days in Texas

Today is a rainy day. Thank you, Lord, for the rain. It is wonderful to see my wet garden today. Though after hard work at the garden in the last few days, I feel relieved to see my garden growing. To me, gardening is one of my ways to express myself.

First Veggies That I Gather From My Garden

Got breakfast this morning-sauteed petchay with green onions, mushrooms, and noodles. Nay, nagimasen!

My Doctor Said that My Head is Perfectly Fine-MRI Results

My doctor called me today and brought us good news about my MRI result. They said that everything is normal which I mocked the news in my heart because right now I feel pressure and pain in my ears and head. But anyway because I am a fighter in this life, I will continue to claim that this pressure in my head will be healed in Jesus' MIGHTY Name. The doctor believes that I am suffering from an allergy.  Anyways, to God be the Glory! RELATED TOPIC, MRI.

Blue Bonnets in Azle