Reading God's Word Together

Our prayer and goal as one family are to finish the whole Bible by the end of this year. That we will grow in the Lord together, AMEN.

Mushroom Soup-My Own Version

Today, I was watching youtube on how to cook mushroom soup. I love mushroom soup a lot. I noticed that I do not have the exact ingredients so I cooked it in my own way. Nakowww ang sarap!(delicious) The recipe below: ENJOY!

Chicken Soup-Sopas Pinoy Way in My Own Version

According to the weather channel, Springtown will experience 44degrees of temperature today. So I made chicken soup but in the Filipino version. After we watched the inauguration we ate our soup. According to my buddies, it's masarap(delicious)! I wrote my own version recipe below. 

Jesus Wept-Luke 11:35

My family and I read Luke Chapters 7-11 today. When I reached Luke 11:35, I realized that Jesus also has compassion for His friends. We are friends of God in John 15:15, whoever believes and accepted the Lord Jesus as his/her personal Saviour are God's friends. Jesus cannot bear to see us suffering also. You think He is happy when He sees you with those pain meds and aches in your body?

Second Attempt of Planting Sayote in Texas (Chayote)

My first attempt to plant chayote last year (September2020) wasn't successful. It died in November. So today, I tried to grow another chayote for spring gardening. We will see if this will survive and thrive this year. 

Aj and Sia Grow So Fast

Lord Jesus, I pray to bless our children that they will grow in love with You. That they will know You by heart and not by knowledge only. I pray to You that they will be one of the achievers, successful leaders of this generation if You are willing. Protect our children day and night. Protect their hearts as well. My husband and I entrust to you these beautiful children you given to us in Your hands. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Smokey Tore My Package

My dog, my dog, ughhhh! DHL delivery guy just left the package at my front gate. Can't they see that big giant large can I put it up in there so every time I have packages coming, they can drop it in my silver can? It's frustrating. 

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