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I Quoted and Prayed Jeremiah 29:11

Pray. How can I pray when you are down? I forced myself to pray and again quoted Jeremiah 29:11 over and over again. In the midst of a chaotic feeling, I must believe in You Lord that You are going to give us a future. 

I Called My Dad and Told Him That I am Coming Back Home to The Philippines

I called my Dad and he asked me how am I doing here in America. I told him I am doing fine but I miss them a lot. My husband recorded me while I was talking to my Dad but he doesn't know what was the conversation all about. That time,

My Real Life Here in America

Lord, I am broken-hearted. All of my expectations are shattered. I do not lie because my tears are unstoppable like flowing rivers. Will, You help me to go through all these, Lord? 🙏

December 25, 2008

We stayed home on our first year of Christmas together. My good husband pampered me by buying a portable spa. I wasn't ready for the camera, that is why I was hiding. Merry Christmas to you, Honey.

My Husband Took Me to The Highest Peak

When we were dating my husband mentioned to me about a woman in his life before he met me. I ignored it because I thought I will be fine. I was so in love with Adam. Accidentally I saw her pictures in one of my husband's old boxes. I didn't realize that they live as husband and wife but not married. I cried all night

Pastor Steve Sutill and His Wife Patty

Thank you Pastor Steve and Patty for inviting us to your house. We have a very good time with you and learning that we have friends we can talk with. You are very nice people. Know that we are very grateful and I am praying for you.

Meeting Jena and JT

Honeymoon at The Papago Park

After the wedding, many couples have their honeymoon somewhere else they choose to. I myself even do not know what is honeymoon is, lol. But those couples are blessed. My husband and I

Yellow and Red Are Together

Just the two of us enjoying the sunset and strolling around our apartment.

My Love in Yellow

Arizona Christmas Night Parade

Perme sangit ko sika ta mamiss ko Pinas. If you notice perme lemlenteg ata matak. Maka aw awedakon jay Pinas. 

My Young Love

Caption/ Me: Wow, ang pogi naman nitong asawa ko oo.
English: Wow, my husband is so handsome.
Adam: Syempre naman, di patalo to.
English: Of course, di patalo to-I don't know the translation, lol.

My Husband Worked At

My husband was a former employee at company. Dad and I bought lunch for him that day. Look who looks good in stripes today.

Our Wedding-November 29, 2008

The best day of my life was to marry Adam Pence. I married the man I believe that will love me for the rest of his life. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part, according to God's law, and this is my solemn vow.  

They Made Me a Gorgeous Bride

Thank you for your generosity Rebecca, Rachel, Karen, and all Mountainview Baptist Church members lead by Pastor Steve Sutil who participated so that our wedding will happen.

First Movie Together with Dad Steve

Meeting Steve Pence

Today, we went to pick up Steve Pence
my father in law at the airport. He lives in Houston, Texas. Dad, what do you think about me when you first see me?

Si Payatot at si Payatat

My Very First Mall in America

I don't know any better. My very first mall when I came here to America was Target. Was very happy to have a picture in front of the target. 

Papago Park, AZ

More pictures at the Papago mountain today. Whoa, Arizona mountain is made up of fake-looking stones. In my eyes, they are all man-made(kid gummy place area). Just strolling. 

Welcome Home Baket Ko

Attending American Thanksgiving for The First Time

Attending American Thanksgiving lunch after church for the first time. I met a very nice lady name Maggie today. She is a very nice lady. Please forgive me for my very tired eyes. 

Big Tamarind Tree in Bilis, Burgos

That area where I was standing was a waiting area for buses going to Baguio City. 


Rudy and Lucia Camit

Taken in my mother's stall. She had a mini-store for everything. Let's say sari-sari store. 


Visiting Our Second Old House-Mama Lucia and Me

Mama Lucia and I went to visit our second house in Lower Tumapoc. House was under renovation. Just below where my Mom and I were standing is a deep river.

Marlon and Lando(Leandro)

Marlon at the left and Lando at the right.


The Camit Family Portrait

Me in the black blazer. Second to me is my brother Leandro, Marlon, Yabes, Ricky and Jeffrey. Our parents in the middle. 

My Cousin Neng and I-SM Baguio City