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Husband Loves Taking Care of AJ

Christmas Eve 2009

AJ, Our Little Sleeper

Thanks to Robert and Naoko Jones for the bassinet. Our little sleeper loves it. 

Celebrating Our First Year Anniversary with Our Little Boy-Part 2

My husband saves a little money just to bring us here to the Rainforest Cafe for our very first. anniversary. Eww, too expensive for me, but well for him spending time together won't replace by money. Eating in a very expensive restaurant once a year isn't too bad.

Celebrating Our First Year Anniversary with Our Little Boy-Part 1

Pastor Steve Sutill granted our request that we are going to dedicate our two mos old son to God. It is not a baptism. We are asking Pastor Steve Suttill and the church to pray for our little boy. 

Madelyn Sofia Pence

Tony sent us beautiful pictures of his beautiful daughter, Maddy. 

Day 1-Visitors for Our Darling Little Baby Boy

Daddy is being a good daddy to our newborn little AJ. He was trimming his nails very carefully. Thank you my very good husband for taking care of our cute baby boyπŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ’—.

Our First Born Son, Cute Baby AJ Pence

6lbs and 6.2oz

Baby Shower for AJ

My First Crochet Blanket for My Little Boy

Finally, I Got Friends in AZ

I finally got girlfriends in Arizona. They shop for my future firstborn baby boy.  Thank you very much, Maggie Medcalf, Jennifer Perkins, and Rachel for registering our baby boy. God bless you abundantly. 

From Size 6 to Size 8 Shoe

No more beautiful feet for me. My feet got big during my first pregnancy. 

Western Dental for my Husband

Ohh boy, he wasn't happy with his dentist. He told me that his dentist was very rough on him while treating him. 

July Fourth 2009

Nice Dinner Prepared by my Good Husband

My good husband feeds me very well. Thank you for taking care of me. Su met la nga lumeklukmegak eh, kitam man dayta maysa kaldero nga rice. Nah, dikay agdamdamag a no apay nagudua nga dagus tay tinapay. Hahahahha, napan amin dity bokset ko. 

Golden Mustard Medallion from Robert and Naoko

Black Forest Chocolate Cake

I can't believe I made a black forest chocolate cake myself. Whew! It wasn't perfect but I was happy I did it. 

My Belly Was Growing Fast

I Crocheted The Very First Hat for My Little Adam

 I have been learning through watching YOUTUBE how to crochet. This was the very first hat I made and when I showed it to my husband, he cannot help but laughed. He said it looks like a bra. Anyways kinda looks like a bra because it's pointy. But anyways later he said looks good. Well in my defense, it was my first hat:) 

Once Upon a Time in Arizona Mall

One Day At Suttill's Ranch

I Love Green

I was 105lbs when I married my husband. Enjoying being skinny now because sooner and later after giving birth I will be a big Mama. I was 1 month preggy in these pictures. I decided to wear the green dress today. I love the green color beforeπŸ˜„. 

Thank you Husband for My Birthday Cake

My husband took me to a pizza place then baked me a german chocolate cake afterward. My husband is a good husband that is why I decided to stay. He is very thoughtful of meπŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’•.

Kabobs by Adam P.

What! Ice Cream in A Bread Roll!

What! A scoop of ice cream in a bread roll? Weird...preggy facts, lol🀣🀣🀣.

Happy Birthday My Loving Husband

I tried! I am no baker, nor a cook. My husband taught me how to bake his own cake. I am very sorry Honey, looks like a girl's birthday cake. Hopefully, I get better at making you a birthday cake.

My Vanity Mirror

My husband bought me a vanity mirror from Craiglist. This is the very first piece of furniture we bought together. According to the seller, it was her grandma's.

Baby Sitting The Suttills

Patty and Steve have a date today. They entrusted their beautiful kids. They are so cute. Praying that what I have now in my belly will be cute too. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

Double Couple Date

John and Maggie are one of the nicest couple friends that helped us a lot too. Maggie offered a ride whenever I wanted to go out. John lends his coat to my husband for our wedding because we can't afford to buy one. Lord, bless these couples generously, Amen. 

February 14, 2009 Part 1

No more going home to the Philippines, lol. I am staying with this handsome man. Besides we are going to have a baby soon. Thanks to my Dad Rudy's advice, He said I need to adjust to my new life now.

February 14, 2009 Part 2-At Phoenix Zoo

My Handsome Church Sound Guy at MVBC

The Peaks at Papago Park Apartments in Phoenix Arizona

Just walking around our apartment Papago Peak Apartments. It's boring to be inside the apartment all the time. 

Lord, I Need Your Strength

Lord, I need Your strength to stay here with my husband. I miss the Philippines a lot. I miss my old life being a very busy person. We are going to have a baby soon, and I need Your strength to keep going. I entrust to You my future and the future of Camit-Pence family. 

Yay, We are Pregnant!

Today we learned that we are pregnant. My husband and I prayed that we do not want kids if these kids will grow up hating God. We asked God to give us children that fear and love Him. Today God granted our prayer. Yay,  I am going to be a Mommy!  My husband was in tears and was jumping when he saw the test. Glory to God.

Yay, Finally Got New Tennis Shoes

Yay, finally got new tennis shoes/casual shoes for hiking or climbing mountains. My husband is also will give me a treat at Shanghai Restaurant. Finally, eat my Asian food. Thank you, my good husband.

Piestewa Peak, AZ

My husband and I went climbing one of Piestewa Peak. As a foreigner, I describe Arizona as the home of giant and dangerous succulents, lol. Forgive me, I wasn't in full gear. If you noticed I used the same shoes when we climb the Papago peaks because we do not have money to buy tennis shoes. 

Volunteered To Do Some Cleaning At Church


I think White Color is Clean and Neat Color

My Wedding and Engagement Ring Together

Jenna, Me, JT and Austin Sutill

Adam The Gwapo and The Green Bark Trees


Look at those green Arizona trees. They look like they were painted, but they are NOT. Those trees have natural green barks. Taken around Phoenix Library

Meeting Tony Pence-My Husband's Big Brother

My husband's big brother Tony came to visit us. He got a chanced to deliver a load here in Phoenix, AZ. At least we are not alone to celebrate new years. He is happily married to Josephine from Thailand but Chinese by blood. Look at their difference, lol. Peace Tony!