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Yay, Finally Got New Tennis Shoes

Yay, finally got new tennis shoes/casual shoes for hiking or climbing mountains. My husband is also will give me a treat at Shanghai Restaurant. Finally, eat my Asian food. Thank you, my good husband.

Piestewa Peak, AZ

My husband and I went climbing one of Piestewa Peak. As a foreigner, I describe Arizona as the home of giant and dangerous succulents, lol. Forgive me, I wasn't in full gear. If you noticed I used the same shoes when we climb the Papago peaks because we do not have money to buy tennis shoes. 

Volunteered To Do Some Cleaning At Church


I think White Color is Clean and Neat Color

My Wedding and Engagement Ring Together

Jenna, Me, JT and Austin Sutill

Adam The Gwapo and The Green Bark Trees


Look at those green Arizona trees. They look like they were painted, but they are NOT. Those trees have natural green barks. Taken around Phoenix Library

Meeting Tony Pence-My Husband's Big Brother

My husband's big brother Tony came to visit us. He got a chanced to deliver a load here in Phoenix, AZ. At least we are not alone to celebrate new years. He is happily married to Josephine from Thailand but Chinese by blood. Look at their difference, lol. Peace Tony!