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What! Ice Cream in A Bread Roll!

What! A scoop of ice cream in a bread roll? Weird...preggy facts, lol🤣🤣🤣.

Happy Birthday My Loving Husband

I tried! I am no baker, nor a cook. My husband taught me how to bake his own cake. I am very sorry Honey, looks like a girl's birthday cake. Hopefully, I get better at making you a birthday cake.

My Vanity Mirror

My husband bought me a vanity mirror from Craiglist. This is the very first piece of furniture we bought together. According to the seller, it was her grandma's.

Baby Sitting The Suttills

Patty and Steve have a date today. They entrusted their beautiful kids. They are so cute. Praying that what I have now in my belly will be cute too. 😁😂😊

Double Couple Date

John and Maggie are one of the nicest couple friends that helped us a lot too. Maggie offered a ride whenever I wanted to go out. John lends his coat to my husband for our wedding because we can't afford to buy one. Lord, bless these couples generously, Amen. 

February 14, 2009 Part 1

No more going home to the Philippines, lol. I am staying with this handsome man. Besides we are going to have a baby soon. Thanks to my Dad Rudy's advice, He said I need to adjust to my new life now.

February 14, 2009 Part 2-At Phoenix Zoo

My Handsome Church Sound Guy at MVBC

The Peaks at Papago Park Apartments in Phoenix Arizona

Just walking around our apartment Papago Peak Apartments. It's boring to be inside the apartment all the time. 

Lord, I Need Your Strength

Lord, I need Your strength to stay here with my husband. I miss the Philippines a lot. I miss my old life being a very busy person. We are going to have a baby soon, and I need Your strength to keep going. I entrust to You my future and the future of Camit-Pence family. 

Yay, We are Pregnant!

Today we learned that we are pregnant. My husband and I prayed that we do not want kids if these kids will grow up hating God. We asked God to give us children that fear and love Him. Today God granted our prayer. Yay,  I am going to be a Mommy!  My husband was in tears and was jumping when he saw the test. Glory to God.