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We Were Looking for Rental House

West Toronto Way, Tolleson Arizona

Crochet Red Beanie Matching Red Scarf

Celebrating Our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

My handsome husband baked a chicken for our second year anniversary. He prepared a small dinner for us tonight. Happy anniversary to you my love. I am blessed I got a husband that can cooks.

Sege Duron Anak Tapno Makapagna Ka Nga Awan Dayta Truck Mo

I am Just Being PlayFul, Mommy

AJ's First Hair Cut

Oops someone is not happy. We thought he doesn't like to be itchy with his pwn hair.

Happy First Birthday Little Adam Jr.

Our Little Batman

Mommy, Daddy Look! I Can Stand Alone Now

This picture of my husband and little AJ reminds me of God how he watches over us. He watched every step we make, especially when we are baby Christian. God makes sure you are being watched and assisted.

AJ's First Time To Stand Up and Pick Up His Book

Mohawk Hair-AJ Pence


Dad, Mom Lucia and Regine

AJ's First Time to Crawl

Adam Sr. and Baby Adam Jr.

Little AJ with His Tuxedu

My Handsome Husband Was in Barbeque Mode Today

Meeting Grandpa for the First Time-Part 2

Meeting Grandpa for the First Time-Part 1

Mommy Alone Pictures

Daddy and AJ

Playful Little AJ-Five Months

Obviously, I Love Brown Color

Just The Three Of Us

AJ's Sleeping Habits

Looks Yummy, Can I have it Please?

Happy Valentine to My Valentino


What's Up?

Asparagus Crescent Rolls

CAPTION: Love My Swing Mommy