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Crochet Slouchy Beret and Scarf in Igorot Colors

I crocheted a beret with 70 inches long matching scarf in my tribal Igorot colors. If you are interested please contact me or you can PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME.

Four Reasons to Have a Grand Celebration of The Camit Family

Mom Lucia, Dad Rudy, Leandro, Marlon, Ricky, Haruka(Ricky's fiancee), and Yabes. Mom Lucia loves to sing accompanied by Dad Rudy by playing the guitar. First, we were thankful because our family is complete except for me. My family in the Philippines joined together to GIVE THANKS UNTO THE LORD for His many blessings. I missed it because we cannot afford to purchase a plane ticket. 

Crawling Sia with Her Crochet Beanie


Celebrating Our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

This is my first time to be away from my babies since they were born. This is also our first time to date again to spend time together without the kids. 

Sia Was Learning How to Walk-Baby Sia in Blue


Crochet Blue Kings Hat Cute Fun Hats for Boys

My Little Gwapito In The Laundry Basket


Crochet Brown Bag for Women-Handmade by Lyn

Happy Second Birthday Little Adam Jr.

Got Two Little Angels in My Arms

Little AJ and Baby Sia

My son calls Saria, Sia. That is why we call our daughter Sia.

6 Months Sarialyn and Grandpa Steve


Adam Pence Sr. Teaching His Son How to Pray

Daddy, That Doesn't Scare Me

She Was KO at Church

Baby Sarialyn Tried To Crawl at Four Months

Handmade Purple Dress and Headband for My Baby Girl

Our Precious Babies

Ahh, No More Smiles

My Cute Little Arab Looking Boy


Sarialyn's Sleeping Habit 1

Daddy and Newborn Sarialyn

The Lost Princess in Silver Dress in Arizona


Sarialyn Got Visitors

The Birth of Our Dear Baby Girl Sarialyn Pence

6lbs and 4.2 oz

Mothers Giving Their Life To Their Own Child To Have Life

I was brought to an emergency room because I lost a lot of blood in giving birth to our second baby Sarialyn Pence. My husband said the nurses were monitoring me closely. According to Dr. Wareing, she wasn't prepared for what happened during the delivery. 

Getting Ready for My Little Sia-We Got Same Doctor, Dr. Sally Wareing

We got the same doctor who brought out my son (AJ) into this world. This was my second CS operation under Dr. Sally Wareing. 

Valentine Celebration at Carrabba's

Kids Park in West Toronto Way

Moving to Our New Home in West Toronto Way