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What Happened AJ?

I remembered that night after the Christmas show, we all got sick including Sarah and Raymond's family who invited us to that outdoor show.


Ughh, Sia What Have You Done

Caption/ Mommy: Ughh, Sia what have you done? 

Sia: playin'

AJ: Mommy, I think I did that(I wasn't sure though)

Celebrating Our 4rth Year Wedding Anniversary

 I can't believe it is already the fourth year of our wedding anniversary. Oops, my hair was shorter.  What happened Lyn? 

Memorable Craft Show At Mountain View Baptist Church

My own crochet frog hat and pink piggy hat. 

Texan Loves Their Barbeque Very Much

Macayo Restaurant

The Pence Family Pic Today

The Pence family is trying to save money by going to the studio so we took our own pictures in our own rental house. (nagseryoso metten dagity nga annak kon aya-ilokano)


Splash Park in Arizona

Again, Poor Saria This Time Both Legs Were Stuck

Attending Jennifer P. Baby Shower

Crochet Beanie with Matching Mintgreen Blanket for Newborn

Big Brother Was Cheering Up Sia

Pobrecita, Her Legs Stuck in the Crib

   Related Diary: Again, Poor Saria This Time Both                                                  Legs Were Stuck

Crochet Turtle Backpacks for Baby Girls-Handmade by Lyn

Please contact me if interested in the crochet purple backpack. I accept custom orders. Thank you.

At Naomi's Birthday Party

My Very First Garden in America

Crochet White Headband for Newborn Girls-Sarialyn

    LINK: When Sarialyn was a newborn and she was wearing the same white headband.

Sia with Her Crochet Yellow Bow Headband

My daughter was modeling her crochet yellow bow headband. She was 1 year and 3 months. Please contact me if you are interested in the crochet yellow headband for your daughter or granddaughter. PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME. I accept custom orders. Thank you. 

Kites and Cars

Little AJ's First Dance


Happy with His Cars


Saria Put That Pen Down!

 My little girl almost gave me a heart attack. Thank God I saw her quickly before she will poke her throat with it, aghh kids.

Happy First Birthday To Our Baby Saria

The big Clifford dog was our daughter's favorite thing when we went to celebrate her first birthday in Chuck N Cheese. She wanted to press all the buttons she sees.

Half Filipino-Half American Kids

Aiden, AJ, Lena, and Saria. (Ours and Raymond and Sarah Kids-from AZ)

Crochet Slouchy Newsboys Hat Matching Infinity Knitted Scarf and Bag

It was 6:30am in Arizona but the heat is pleasant in the month of February. I created a Christmas bag, scarf, and the hat requested by my cousin. Also, I modeled it for her. If you also interested please contact me and you can PURCHASE IT HERE, CLICK ME.

My First Crochet Rose Headband for Sia

My very first crochet red rose headband for baby girls. If you are interested also in your granddaughter or your own child please contact me or you can PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME. I accept custom orders.

Cool Little AJ Wearing Daddy's Sunglasses

He was a cool kid but...look at the next picture 不不不不不.

Little Gwapong Pinoy Black Belter-Gift From Naoko