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It is Better to Give Than to Receive-Acts 20:35 KJV

This lady in the church gave gifts to the little kids. She made many beautiful blankets and toys for both boys and girls. Ohh, how I wish I have a heart like hers 😄😄😄.

Wooden Bunk Bed for The Pence's Kids

They were so excited to have their bunk bed. Maybe you think we have money to purchase this bunk bed, nope here in America, most Americans own their properties or appliances by so-called "MONTHLY BILLS".  Nakowwwww, hulugan yan. 

Celebrating Our 5th Year Wedding Anniversary

My Little Girl Wanted to Cry When She Couldn't Reach The Lemon


My Husband Went To ER for Our Little Dude

Adam many times hit by a high temperature and when we cannot control his fever we ran to ER. Of course, parents' prayers are always there. We were so glad our little dude finally broke his fever. 

God Told Me This House Belongs to Us

When the realtor lady in white opened that door and as I stepped inside the house, God told me that is the house belongs to us. He reserved that house for us. The realtor showed us like 5-6 houses already but this house is very special in my eyes. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Duck Pond in Friendship Park Arizona


Arizona Church Kids Choir

The little handsome prince in white and the dancing little munchkin in the group are mine. 


Playing Dirt is Healthy for The Kids


We Forgot The Keys Outside By The Front Door

Who does that? Forgetting the keys by the front door all night and day?😟😟😟😓 Our family and I were very thankful to God. We lived by the street where people always walks by. He blinded those thieves to steal our car keys. He blinded those who want to harm us by night by just opening the door. God is good. He is full of mercies and grace. Testimony: Before going to bed, my family and I always ask God to protect us. We ask God's mercies and grace to us. And today He answered one of our prayers. All honor belongs to Him.

Apan Tay Man Agpalengke jay Asian Market

Uray ni little balasang ko apan met agpalengke.


Daddy's Girl


Meeting with Karren

It's good to see you again Karren, hope we'll see you again soon.

No AC, We Stayed in The Hotel

The Pences tribulation. We were late in our payment so the SRP has NO MERCY on us, they decided to cut us electricity. All food will be bad in the freezer and we paid for our stay in the hotel. Katno kami aya nga bumaknang Apo tapno awan kastoy nga mangyari.

Celebrating Our Daddy at Carraba's

Husband, Happy fathers day to you. Sometimes I have forgotten how lucky I am to have you to raise our children together. Please forgive me. I pray that God will prosper you in all aspects of your life. Love, Mommy. 

Crochet Lavander Bow Headband for Bald Baby Girls

My baby girl is two years old in this picture and she has thinner hair. What I do is tie a small portion of her and then clip her bow headband. 

Our Little Princess and Little Prince


Another Day of Evening Prayer Meeting

Outside Again with The Kiddos

Saan pupunta ang basang ko? 

When I Was 33 Years Old-Pinadakkelan Tay ti Bokset

Apay sikay lang aya ti dakkel bokset na, uray siak met a. Everybody shows their perfect coca-cola shape, maiba naman oo.(Come one let's race who have the biggest tummy ever. Everybody shows their perfect coca-cola shape, show different) Nah, jak ammo no korek ata translation ko. 

Our Little Little Bikers

The Christ The Lord is Risen - Happy Easter Sunday

I Prepared a Steak with Sauteed Onions Dinner

Fried steak with sauteed onions with parsley. I do not know what to call that lol. I dropped gravy on top. I am sorry lakay(husband) meat is kinda dry. I tried my best.

Valentine Date with Gwapo Adam Pence Sr.

Car Seat Pictures of the Pence's Kiddos


The Pence Family Portraits 2013-1

Again trying to save a little money by doing our own family portraits. Take many pictures as you can because kids grow like a weed. 

Crochet Dog Hat with Long Ears Unisex Hats

I have been enjoying my new hobby, crocheting. I made this crochet black and white hat for my own little Adam and he loves it. And this cute crochet dog that is perfect for little boys who loves dog pet. I accept any custom orders. Please contact me if interested with the hat or PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME. 

Two Color Knitted Double Sided Beanie for Men Handmade by Lyn

This hat is double-sided with a combination of two beanies together to ensure warmth. I accept custom orders. Any colors are accepted upon your request. If you are interested please contact me or PURCHASE THIS ITEM HERE, CLICK ME.