Arizona Science Museum with Our Kiddos

Yesterday, my husband and I agreed to bring our kids here in Arizona Science Museum. Family time is precious. One way of knowing our kids is by bringing our kiddos in any educational museum. The purpose is too see their interest. Here we are in Arizona Science Museum.

Crochet Handmade Turtle Backpacks for Boys and Girls 9 Months up | Rudelyn's Sari Sari Store

Crochet Handmade Turtle Backpacks for Boys and Girls 9 Months up | Rudelyn's Sari Sari Store
My little girl wearing her purple backpack at the park.
Looking for a tiny backpack for your child's toys,snacks or your baby's favorite blanket? Can be Kindergarten backpack.Look no further. Try my handmade crochet turtle backpacks. Sure to create smiles from everyone. One of my customer before ordered for his little 6 months old son. This was her feedback" "Ohh my gosh! I LOVE LOVE

Easy Crochet Hair Bow Part 2

We need a rounded 2" silver barrette, beads(embellishments), needle, a scissors,glue gun and clear glue sticks and the crochet piece that we just made. Take your round needle and insert it in the 8-12" long tail that we left. Join your edges of your work together as shown below.

Easy Crochet Hair Bow Part 1

A hair accessory can instantly add glamor, personality or femininity to your look, regardless of your hairstyle. One example is a hair bow. Aside from roses, one of my favorite accessory for my bags, shoes, clothing and for my hair are bows. I am sure I am not the only one who loves bows.

 In the future, I will instruct you on other ways you can create bows out of things that you have already. Just keep on watching my blogs and I will teach you as we go on. There are several uses of bows I know that I can share with you.

Valentine's Banquet 2014 - My Curl Hair

Me and my husband, 2-14-14
Ohh, its Valentines day! I have had this long, straight hair and wanted to do something different with my hair. I wanted to please my husband for our Church Valentine Banquet, so I was thinking of a special hair do. I have had my hair curled only once before, in my wedding day, but somebody did it for me. This time, this is an adventure. I wanted to do it myself.

FREE Crochet Patriotic American Flag Purse

Handmade Patriotic American Flag Purse. Length is 16" and circumference is 18".  I used circumference to measure from the top around the purse. You can drop your wallet inside this

Crochet Abbreviations of

Crochet Abbreviations. Fortunately, there are standard abbreviations that are used in most patterns you'll encounter. Beginners and Crocheters need to be familiar with these terms
It is a good idea to make a list of crochet abbreviations to keep on hand while following your patterns.

A-Z Crochet Abbreviations. Remember this abbreviations with you at all times. It will help you a lot.


alt = alternate
approx = approximately

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