Easy Crochet Hair Bow Part 2

We need a rounded 2" silver barrette, beads(embellishments), needle, a scissors,glue gun and clear glue sticks and the crochet piece that we just made. Take your round needle and insert it in the 8-12" long tail that we left. Join your edges of your work together as shown below.

Easy Crochet Hair Bow Part 1

A hair accessory can instantly add glamor, personality or femininity to your look, regardless of your hairstyle. One example is a hair bow. Aside from roses, one of my favorite accessory for my bags, shoes, clothing and for my hair are bows. I am sure I am not the only one who loves bows.

 In the future, I will instruct you on other ways you can create bows out of things that you have already. Just keep on watching my blogs and I will teach you as we go on. There are several uses of bows I know that I can share with you.

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