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The Pences Rented a Glass House Cabin in Sedona

Vacation at Flagstaff, Arizona-Fishing

We didn't catch any fish but we enjoyed the scenery. Looks like nobody is visiting this place. Thank you, lake Mary.

Enjoying Flowers and Luscious Green Paradise Place in Sedona-Part 1

The place is a paradise to me. I want to build something similar to this in the Philippines. I wish we are a millionaire so I can buy land and built a place like this.

River and Playground Area at The Cabin

Reminds me a lot of the Philippines where I grew up. Our house is just beside the river rich with eel, minnows, shrimp, and other fish. I used to catch them by hand.

Sedona Rocks Along The Way

Garland Indian Jewelry and Restaurant

The Pence's Family Loves Pool Very Much

Modeling Fan Shape Blue Earring and Stripe Sweater-Selfies In Sedona Arizona-1

Printed Black Silk Dress-Sleeveless Fashion Black Maxi Dress

This printed black silk dress is gorgeous. The soft wavy texture is perfect when you walk. If you are interested also in this black maxi dress please contact me or YOU PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME. 

2015 Beautiful Portrait of The Pence Family