Mom Lucia Made It-God Saw Our Tears and Heard Our Prayers

It was hopeless to see Mom in her ventilator and all of those tubes around her body to keep her alive. My Dad and my brothers and some of our relatives who helped us taking care of Mom manually pump the Ambu mask for her. Because her body cannot take the pressure of the ventilator herself. The doctors told us that she cannot make it so everybody was waiting on her to give up her ghost. Her body was so weak and fragile. Some of my Mom's relatives already said their goodbye to Mom Lucia but my family and I still have hope.

And you know during the time that my Mom needed the doctor, she was violated. I said violated because according to my Dad, one morning a group of practice students came and took Mom from her room. My Dad asked why and they said they are going to operate Mom. My Dad doesn't know that she was going to have an operation that day. Then after a few hours, they brought Mom with many tubes in her body. My Dad's suspicion was those students came and practice on their dying patient. This is the reason I don't trust doctors and nurses.

My heart was aching to see my beautiful Mom in a bed like that. I remembered what I said to my Mom before I left the Philippines seven years ago. I told her that next time when we play scrabble I will make sure that I will win. My Mom didn't step high school but she is very good at scrabble games. Now she cannot do it, ughhhh.

One of my brothers called me, I can't remember who (we were at home in Bilis, the Philippines that Mom opened her eyes many times. We were all relieved, this means! God saw our tears and He heard our prayers that He will extend Mom's Life. Praise the Lord!
Taking selfies inside the small hospital room of Mom Lucia.
That is why those doctors and nurses in that hospital and to all who saw my Mom dying were so surprise that my Mom was sitting down, alive, and well to undergo her dialysis. God is so good to Mom and to our family. Praise the Lord! He answers prayers.

“Mom is Dying, Please Come Home”

In June 2015, when my brother Lando called me that our mother was very weak, with severe kidney problems. She was against the idea of dialysis because she saw the fate of some of our neighbors who died after 5 years, some 7 and the longest life span is 10-15 years. One week before Halloween, this time I received an urgent call from my brother to come home urgent ASAP

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