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2016 Pence Christmas Pictures


Wish you all Merry Christmas. May your presents are many, your worries few and your joy is endless. For unto us a child is born...Isaiah 9:6

2016 Be-Style Selfie Christmas Pictures

New Cabinet Made by Husband, Yay!



Purchased Purple Couch for Purple Living Room

Celebrating Our 8th Year Wedding Anniversary

Happy 8th year wedding anniversary to us. Time flies. "To my dear husband, happy anniversary to us. Know that you are a good husband. Though we have many struggles still we hold each other. I pray for more anniversaries to come. I always pray for you. Love and prayer, Lyn."

Sia Wore Her Navy Blue Dress with Golden Trim

Sia wore her navy blue dress on our 8th wedding anniversary. Love my baby girl. By the way, if you are interested to purchase a brand new navy blue dress for your daughter, please check out this dress HERE. Thank you. You are free to visit our website:

Building Ginger Bread Together

Building gingerbread together was fun. The kids and my husband had a blast especially these two. Getting ready for Christmas. Whoooohoooooohooo.

Tony and His Beautiful Daughters


Ang Gwapo Kong Drayber



Cynthia and Fred Visit


Moringa Trees Loves Arizona Heat


Vintage Ivory Rose Porcelain Tea Cup Set for Me

Love my new teacup set. It is ivory cream in yellow. It comes with a saucer, spoon, and of course the teacup. If you are interested please contact me or PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME. 

Sunset in Avondale Arizona

Meanwhile While My Husband At Work-The Giant T-Rex


Because She Lost Her Tooth Today We Went to Dairy Queen in Arizona

Beautiful Floral Jewelry Set for Women

When it comes to jewelry I do not like big, giant jewelry but when I saw this jewelry, I challenge myself to wear one and I love it. I think it's not

I Planted Gourd and It Loves Arizona Heat

The Pence's Cute Castles



Home School? Homeschooling?

The first time my husband told me that we will home school our kids, I totally disagree with him. I want our kids to be like other kids going to public school or private school. I want them to excel in the class and receive honors and medals. I disagree

Cow Peas Ready to Cook Now-Nagimas ti Sidak nga Otong

The Pence Family with Big Red-Castles-N-Coasters Amusement Park in Phoenix

My husband and I agreed to take Big Red with us in Castles N Coasters Park today. We call him Big Red because of his natural red hair.

Hiking in Arizona-White Tank Regional

We took a short hike today. The weather is quite good, not too hot and too cold either. Although it is kinda hot to me I think I am used to Arizona. Ninety-one degrees is not too bad.

When Your Prayer Seems Hopeless and Unanswered

When your prayers seem unanswered it brings questions to your heart. Does God really care?
During my college days, I failed once in my written exam and twice for my practical phase examination. After college, I went to a review center to ensure that I will pass my examinations to get my license. I knew, I prayed and fasted as well. After all the hard work I

Renaissance Festival in Arizona 2016