Celebrating Our 8th Year Wedding Anniversary

Happy 8th year wedding anniversary to us. Time flies. "To my dear husband, happy anniversary to us. Know that you are a good husband. Though we have many struggles still we hold each other. I pray for more anniversaries to come. I always pray for you. Love and prayer, Lyn."

Sia Wore Her Navy Blue Dress with Golden Trim

Sia wore her navy blue dress on our 8th wedding anniversary. Love my baby girl. By the way, if you are interested to purchase a brand new navy blue dress for your daughter, please check out this dress HERE. Thank you. You are free to visit our website: RudelynsSariSariStore.com.

Building Ginger Bread Together

Building gingerbread together was fun. The kids and my husband had a blast especially these two. Getting ready for Christmas. Whoooohoooooohooo.

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