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The Pences First Snowman in April 2017 - Driving Towards the Airport

After we got out from Casa Bonita we were heading out to the airport. While we are on our way we stopped and decided to play in the snow for awhile. Our family do not have any winter gloves so we used layered socks to build a

The Pence Family in Casa Bonita in Colorado

This is our last day of our vacation here in Colorado and we decided to go to see Casa Bonita. The restaurant is so beautiful! When we got inside, the lighting is dim, noisy because of the games, shows, music and parties inside the building. To me Casa Bonita is like a

Second Day Vacay in Colorado-Pences Kiddos Loves Pool

My two little munchkins and I woke up early today for free breakfast, yay. I was so tried yesterday because I didn't sleep at all. Insomnia attack plus excitement equals no sleep. My husband woke up very early at dawn for work today.

Our First Day Vacation in Denver, Colorado

While waiting on Daddy to get a new ride for us, My little girl was busy looking at that booklet, I guess that is a small booklet from the airplane.

Hair Saloon Time for Mommy Lyn

When it comes to hair saloon, nail saloon, or anything about beauty saloon I rarely go to these places here in United States. Why?