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2018 The Pences Christmas Pictures

We didn't put up our Christmas tree so we took our Christmas family pictures in front of the church Christmas tree. Since everybody was busy talking, come let's take selfies. Christening Gowns for Baby Girls Dress Luxury Collar w/ Big Bows

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Celebrating Our 10th Year Wedding Anniversary

We missed celebrating our wedding anniversary this year, 2018 in a restaurant or a place but we are still thankful we got each other. Dear Lord, I pray for a stronger marriage for the years to come. Embroidered Don't Mess With Texas Hats for Men and Women

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I am Selling Handmade Leather Earrings from The Philippines

These beautiful handmade leather earrings from the Philippines are absolutely beautiful. Well since I cannot wear them all, I am selling the remaining of these leather earrings to those who are interested.

The Pences-Day 11 in Texas-Visiting Our Small Town of Springtown

My family is thrilled with our new house, new people to meet, new small town. We took a drive and visited some of these buildings that is available for us here in Springtown, Texas. 

The Pences-Day 10 in Texas -Unpacking

Unpacking some of the boxes that we had inside the house. My husband was putting my cabinet together. While these kiddos were playing one of the empty boxes.

The Pences-Day 9 in Texas-RAS and GAS

Guess what where we were today? My husband and I attended the prayer meeting of First Baptist Church while these kiddos attended their RAS for Little Adam and GAS for Saria.

According to my kiddos, RAS represents

The Pences-Day 8 in Texas

Today was a mowing day and this is what my husband said, "Ohh, this is Texas, gotta mow." Mowing the yard is common in Texas because grass grows everywhere. I kinda mocked my husband and said "Well, yea this is Texas, this is where you wanna live."

The Pences-Day 7 in Texas

Finally our things arrived. I called it things because we really never had furniture. We had only few things that we acquired during our 10 years of marriage. Things that is a necessities. We are not materialistic people. If God give us money to purchase nice things then why not.

Anyways, Mike and his company were having a hard

The Pences-Day 6 in Texas

Since we got here in Texas, my family and I were been praying for the right church to attend. There were three churches that we thought we might visit; The Cornerstone Community Church, The Hilltop Church, and the last is The Fist Baptist Church.

Today we attended the

2018 Springtown, Texas Wild West Festival

Day 5 in Texas. This is our very first time to attend the festival because we are very new here in Springtown. Wow, its really neat because there are people who really dress up like old times which is

The Pences-Day 4 in Texas

Living in a mobile house will be adventurous for our family. I think I kinda knew what is like because our very first house in the Philippines was a mobile home too but in Tagalog we call it "bahay-kubo" means nipa hut house. The nipa hut is made of bamboo walls, tucked leaves for a roof, and four-post on top of four flat stone foundations.

The Pences-Day 3 in Texas

DAY 3, here in Texas and I was so fearful. I fear that we are not safe in this house. My mind was so busy thinking that this town is full of bad people. My mind is full of "WHAT IF". In order to eased my mind, we end up buying

The Pences-Day 2 in Texas

After a short sleep, we decided to see and have dinner with Dad Steve at Spring Creek Barbeque Restaurant. He happened to deliver some goods somewhere near us. After dinner, we drove Dad back to his truck and drove home in Springtown. Then we went back to sleep again. Sorry, I was so tired to write my diary.

Leaving Arizona for Good Part 1

For America, September 11 is a historical day when my husband was called to fight for a war against Afghanistan. Today, September 11, 2018, another BIG EVENT for my family 

Passing Gospel Tracks Before Leaving Arizona

I decided to pass gospel tracks to our neighbors before finally leaving Arizona. Who knows maybe someone will be saved because of the tracks we distributed that day. My husband drove while he was watching me putting those gospel tracks door to doors.

Signing Papers to Own A Property in Springtown

Today we signed the ownership of the property we bought in Springtown, Texas. Glory to God! God answers prayers when we ask. Matthew 7:7.

Printed Pink Camelia Dress for Little Girls

If you are interested to purchase the same dress as my daughter, please CLICK ME. Thank you.

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Look Whose Comfy with Lavander Recliner

New Black Necklace with Big Black Pendant for Me

Ohh, I received my new black necklace in the mail today and I love it. Most often, I wear dark colors and I do not have black necklace to go with it. Black goes with everything.

Lego Land Discovery Center in Arizona Mall

Legoland day for the Pences while Daddy at work.

2017 Valentines Day with My Valentino

My husband and I decided to celebrate hearts day in our house this 2017. It is not expensive and no hassle done. Our excited kiddos helped us to

Christmas Dress Outfit for Toddler Girls-Sequined Golden Collared Striped Tutu Dresses

Hi, this is Lyn Pence are you looking for Christmas dress for your daughter? Or maybe you are looking for perfect outfit for Christmas pageant? This sequined golden collared striped tutu dress is perfect for your daughter.

This dress is made of

Natural Bridge Cavern in San Antonio, Texas

We are exhausted from New Years Celebration but my husband wanted to stop by San Antonio to visit one of the caverns here in Texas.

Here we go....

Happy New to The Pence Family-Houston Tx