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2019 Selfies In front of The Giant Christmas Tree

After church, we went to take selfies in front of the giant Christmas tree here in Springtown. I took many pictures for memories to keep. Love taking and keeping more pictures.

I Love Us


Springtown First Baptist Church Christmas 2019


Celebrating Our 11th Year Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our wedding anniversary in a restaurant in Forthworth. I just can't remember what is the name of that place. Beware! Signs of aging, 😂😄😅.

Thanksgiving at Springtown, First Baptist Church

Look What Amazon Does To Your Packages

When Amazon decided to just toss your package in your backyard and it happed that you have playful dogs. Here is what I got. 


Trying Taquitos Today

I am an amateur when it comes to baking and cooking. I am trying my best. Maybe I'll get better when I keep doing it. I gotta make these, my husband loves Mexican food. 


Ruffled Mermaid Cut Denim Long Skirt for Women

I am a short woman with 4'9 height and I weigh 128lbs. Anyway, I want to show you this mermaid denim skirt which is so fabulous. My friends and my husband adored this long denim ruffled skirt too.

Fashion Ruffled Black Blouse for Women

I love ruffles. If you are interested also in this black ruffled blouse, please CLICK ME in order to view the sizes and color options for this blouse for women. 

Fashion Black Earrings Party Jewelries Hoop Earrings

Black hoop crystal earrings are gorgeous. If you are interested also in these black crystal hoop earrings, PLEASE CLICK ME.

Only in Texas-I like Your Nice Dinner for Tonight

We were going to Walmart and bought groceries in Azle when we saw a car with a hunted deer at the back of this car. If I am not mistaken, all the intestine parts of the deer was

My Little Handsome Dude with His Fall Theme Warm Velvet Lining Checkered T-Shirt

Today, my handsome little dude wore his fall theme long sleeve t-shirt. The temperature here in Texas is very nice of 58-64 degrees but chilly willy wind. According to my little boy, the shirt is

2019 October My Selfie Pic

I must overcome being shy and be me, just like in my old days. So that when I am so old and those wrinkles will rule over my face, I will remember that I was once young.

Nataraki Kong Husband Baked a Sausage Breakfast

Handmade Satin Bow for Newborn Baby Girls

Today, I shipped out an off white baby dress for a newborn girl with matching handmade newborn bow headband. I matched it with a double layer bow with an elastic band on it. Bows are

Homeschooling Kids-Bike Signs-Knowledge of a Child About Bike Hand Signals

Cannon Parkway Splash Park, Roanoke Texas

Today my husband decided to take us with him to work. So he began searching for a place where he can drop us. We choose Cannon Park. Our kids and I decided to go to the park to practice riding our bikes. He said

The Pences-Little Adam Being Silly Singing the New and Old Testament-Bible


Saria with Bangs

Opps, I cut my daughter's hair too high. Oh boy, I was in trouble with my husband. He hated to see our daughter with that high bangs. But you know what,

Ugh, I Still Weigh 130lbs

Ugh, I still weigh 130 lbs. My target is 120-125lbs in order for me to wear one of my favorite dresses on my incoming 40th birthday in a few months from now. It is not a brand new dress, 

Is It Embarrassing to Wear a Hair Wig?

Is it embarrassing to wear a hair wig? I think NO. If you ask me honestly, I am very shy to wear a hair wig because this is not

Springtown Park Texas-The Pences Family Day Out

My family and I took advantage of the nice weather today. It was a little chilly but nice. We enjoyed the swing, kiddos enjoyed running around, biking and I enjoyed taking photos all around the park.

My Husband Asked Me to Ride The Kid's Bike with Him


Teaching Your Kids to Pray

For me teaching your kids to pray is the best inheritance you can give to your children. Why, because when your children know how to depend on God you will not worry about them when they will grow up as adult people. It is been a practice

How Did I Apply the Bible Verse in Luke 10:19 Over My Sickness

I didn't seek medical help quickly before because I thought my body is capable to fight these severe allergies but it got worse so we went to our nearest Urgent Care. I didn't seek medical help before

Scariest Body Rashes-What is Happening To Me?

Life is full of surprises. Just like me today, I woke up with very itchy rashes all over my body accompanied by painful sore arms and legs where the most rashes are.

Celebrating Our Little Adam at The Drive Through Arbuckle Zoo-Part 1

Today, we took our son, Adam to the drive through feeding zoo at Arbuckle, Oklahoma which is two hours drive from Springtown, Texas. The kids were so

Little Adam Caught A Bigger Scarier Gigantic Spider

Celebrating Our Little Adam at Turners Falls Park-Part 2

After visiting the Arbuckle zoo, we went to see Turner's Fall Park which is a 10-12 minutes drive away from the zoo. As soon as we saw people in the river, our kiddos thought of swimming, too bad we didn't get extra clothes for my husband and me. The park also required a vest or floaties in order to swim. 

Journal 1-My Own Way 30 Days Challenge Losing Weight

Today, September 2019, I started my journey of losing weight. I am currently 138lbs which I am obese according to BMI. I am a shorty woman of 4 feet and 9 inches in height. I am about to turn 40 and I am afraid my metabolism won't cooperate with me anymore if I do not lose weight right now.

2019 September My Selfie Pic

I think in today's high technology is an advantage for everybody. During our grandfather and grandmother's time, cameras and phones were rare, only for those who are rich. Now a days either rich or poor, have their own mobile phones.

According to psychologist when you take too many selfies you have

How to Catch a Big Spider

My Daughter and I Match-Cute Denim Dress

Several days ago before the festival here in our small town, I was thinking of what to wear and I remembered my stock denim dresses. Oh yes, these are very cute denim dresses for mother and daughter. So during the festival, my daughter and I wore a matching denim dresses and it was great for me. My husband said I was a chic. Oh yes!

Layered Cheesecake-My Handsome Baker with His Pretty Little Helper

Today they made a layered cheesecake with chocolate chips and crackers on top. This was the first time they made a variation and it came out good. 

2019 Springtown, Texas Wild West Festival

Today is our second time to attend Springtown Wild West Festival. My family specially our kids loves this festival because they are having fun. Saria loves the bungee jumping because she likes to flip over. My son loves the race car. The festival is full of entertainment for

Answered Prayer-God will Protect His Own Children

Yesterday and today, my husband's company let go of about 600 employees from high ranking to the least ranking employees. Although it wasn't easy, my husband was confident in God that He will take care of us because

Cute Red Polka Dots Clothing Set for Little Girls

This cute clothing set for girls is very cute and now on sale for 10$. Legging and the long sleeve tees is both stretchable material. It is made of soft cotton that is perfect for

Free Purple Purse for my Friend-Crochet Tote Bags by Lyn

I made a purple purse seven years ago and keep it in a storage box thinking that someday I will get back to these handmade items. Two days ago,

Give Away Newborn Headbands-I Made Several Free Bows for My Customers

Today, I made several give away headband bows for my customers. All items that are ON HAND right now are now on sale. So, when a customer order dresses, I will make my very best to create a headband to match the dress. Like this white ballgown Christening dress, I made three kinds of hair bows for customers to choose from.

Donut Paradise in Springtown, Texas

I recommend that O Donut Paradise is best donut place here in Springtown, Texas because:
According to the owner, he build and designed the store, the play area and all things that you will see in this place. he was very creative.

I and my family loves donuts specially dunkin' donuts but since the place is little far from our house we were looking for alternative place and we found O Donut Paradise.

Farmer's Market in Dallas

We Went to Meet Linda and Her Family in Dallas

It was nice to see Linda and her family yesterday. They went to spend a short vacation in Galveston, Texas where her sister owns a nice beach house over there. Linda and her family are very nice people. Linda just lost

Printed Cotton Red Maxi Dress

I made some adjustments to this dress. The dress was originally an off-shoulder dress as you can see in the model below but I adjust it. The dress was in the long sleeves but I cut the sleeves. If you are taller than me, the dress will be mid-calf to you. I am 4'9 in height and the dress is up to my ankles.

The Cracked Pot-Each Flaws God Has a Purpose

A water bearer in India had two large pots, each hung on each end of a pole which he carried across his neck. One of the pots had a crack in it, and while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water at the end of the long walk from the stream to the master’s house, the cracked pot arrived only half full.

Modesty Among Little Girls, Teenage Girls and Women

My family and I will not say that we are perfect family or we are condemning anybody who wears what they wear BECAUSE I DRESS LIKE THEM BEFORE. I am here to share what my husband and I think about clothing and it is right according to the words of God.

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls Bake By My Husband and My Daughter

First Baptist Church Mini Camp for GAS-Girls in Actions

Yesterday was our first time to attend a mini-camp for GAS or so-called girls inaction of our church. Several days ago before this minicamp, I was bad because I was hoping that the camp will be postponed or it will rain hard. And I came because I will do it for my little girl who was so

Adam Won The Big Gorilla Stuff Toy

Good for you AJ, congratulations!

Opps, That is Funny Rising of The Dough


Amazon Just Tossed my Package-Dogs Rip Apart My Coffee

Good job Amazon! No more good coffee for me:(.


Preparation for Summer Vacation Bible School


Attending Our Beautiful Sia's Banquet

Father and Son Day Out

Fishing is one of my son's favorite things to do. The Springtown First Baptist Church has camping yesterday and they all have fun except for the

Beautiful Happy Mother's Day

Time Flies, Take More Pictures for Good Memories to Keep

At Church-First Baptist Church

Learning How To Trim Bushes