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My Kids Invented Their Own Way to Play Wooden Machine Gun

Our children decided to play outside even its chilly willy outside. I am always cold no matter what season of the year it is. The kids made a machine gun out of box and wood. So, Saria decided to

My Little Boy Pulled Out His Own Tooth

My little tough boy pulled out his tooth today. If I recall being a kid, I was so scared to pull my tooth out. I think almost all of his baby tooth was pulled out by him by wiggling those baby tooth here and there. Very good, little Adam.

A Pastor with a Serving Heart-Pride of Springtown First Baptist Church

Today, we went earlier for church dinner every Wednesday. If I remember right, for the adult you pay 3 dollars and for the kids is 1 dollar per meal. And whatever money the church makes,

Saria Was Wearing This Cute Dinosaur Winter Hat and Scarf Set

Well, it is not only boys that love dinos, my little girl actually does too. Look what she was wearing today? A bright blue matching set of dinosaur

Hooded Astronaut Winter Jacket for a Little Boys

Hi, I am Lyn, are you looking for perfect winter jackets for your little boy? I have two recommend winter jackets here that your child might enjoy.

I like this gray hooded astronaut winter jacket for little boys and girls because aside from the thickness, it has little short turtleneck to keep your kid's neck warm. I like this for little boys and girls because of

Igorot People of Philippine Island

“Many desperate acts of courage and heroism have fallen under my observation on many fields of battle in many
parts of the world. I have seen last-ditch stands and
innumerable acts of personal heroism that defy description
but for sheer breathtaking and heart-stopping desperation,
I have never known the equal of those Igorots. Gentlemen,
when you tell that story, stand in tribute to these
gallant Igorots.” - Gen. Douglas MacArthur 

I was wearing a combined attire of the tribes of Igorot.
Have you heard the word "Igorot or Igorota" or a group of people called Igorot? If you didn't meet any Igorot yet,