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Me at Thirty Nine


Baclava-One of My Favorite Sweets That My Husband Make

Happy birthday to me! Love these baklava sweets. I always request this thing once a year from my husband. He makes it perfect! 

May Our Love Blooms Each Day

Fried Rice from Left Overs

One of our kids' favorite breakfast, fried rice. The fried rice is made of cold cooked rice (1-day fridge). Reheat 2 tablespoons of butter, and add your cold rice. Season with a little salt and ground pepper. Add anything that you want; peas, eggs, corn, or sausage. My kids just want eggs, sausage, or leftover hot dogs. By the way, I cooked the eggs first before adding them to my fried rice. 

I Got a New Sewing Machine



One of the Million Selfies with My Daughter

XScape Day Out-The Pences

Best Pictures of the Day: Spot my husband and Sia