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Celebrating Our Little Adam at Turners Falls Park-Part 2

After visiting the Arbuckle zoo, we went to see Turner's Fall Park which is a 10-12 minutes drive away from the zoo. As soon as we saw people in the river, our kiddos thought of swimming, too bad we didn't get extra clothes for my husband and me. The park also required a vest or floaties in order to swim. 

Journal 1-My Own Way 30 Days Challenge Losing Weight

Today, September 2019, I started my journey of losing weight. I am currently 138lbs which I am obese according to BMI. I am a shorty woman of 4 feet and 9 inches in height. I am about to turn 40 and I am afraid my metabolism won't cooperate with me anymore if I do not lose weight right now.

2019 September My Selfie Pic

I think in today's high technology is an advantage for everybody. During our grandfather and grandmother's time, cameras and phones were rare, only for those who are rich. Now a days either rich or poor, have their own mobile phones.

According to psychologist when you take too many selfies you have

How to Catch a Big Spider

My Daughter and I Match-Cute Denim Dress

Several days ago before the festival here in our small town, I was thinking of what to wear and I remembered my stock denim dresses. Oh yes, these are very cute denim dresses for mother and daughter. So during the festival, my daughter and I wore a matching denim dresses and it was great for me. My husband said I was a chic. Oh yes!

Layered Cheesecake-My Handsome Baker with His Pretty Little Helper

Today they made a layered cheesecake with chocolate chips and crackers on top. This was the first time they made a variation and it came out good. 

2019 Springtown, Texas Wild West Festival

Today is our second time to attend Springtown Wild West Festival. My family specially our kids loves this festival because they are having fun. Saria loves the bungee jumping because she likes to flip over. My son loves the race car. The festival is full of entertainment for

Answered Prayer-God will Protect His Own Children

Yesterday and today, my husband's company let go of about 600 employees from high ranking to the least ranking employees. Although it wasn't easy, my husband was confident in God that He will take care of us because

Cute Red Polka Dots Clothing Set for Little Girls

This cute clothing set for girls is very cute and now on sale for 10$. Legging and the long sleeve tees is both stretchable material. It is made of soft cotton that is perfect for

Free Purple Purse for my Friend-Crochet Tote Bags by Lyn

I made a purple purse seven years ago and keep it in a storage box thinking that someday I will get back to these handmade items. Two days ago,