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2019 October My Selfie Pic

I must overcome being shy and be me, just like in my old days. So that when I am so old and those wrinkles will rule over my face, I will remember that I was once young.

Nataraki Kong Husband Baked a Sausage Breakfast

Handmade Satin Bow for Newborn Baby Girls

Today, I shipped out an off white baby dress for a newborn girl with matching handmade newborn bow headband. I matched it with a double layer bow with an elastic band on it. Bows are

Homeschooling Kids-Bike Signs-Knowledge of a Child About Bike Hand Signals

Cannon Parkway Splash Park, Roanoke Texas

Today my husband decided to take us with him to work. So he began searching for a place where he can drop us. We choose Cannon Park. Our kids and I decided to go to the park to practice riding our bikes. He said

The Pences-Little Adam Being Silly Singing the New and Old Testament-Bible


Saria with Bangs

Opps, I cut my daughter's hair too high. Oh boy, I was in trouble with my husband. He hated to see our daughter with that high bangs. But you know what,

Ugh, I Still Weigh 130lbs

Ugh, I still weigh 130 lbs. My target is 120-125lbs in order for me to wear one of my favorite dresses on my incoming 40th birthday in a few months from now. It is not a brand new dress, 

Is It Embarrassing to Wear a Hair Wig?

Is it embarrassing to wear a hair wig? I think NO. If you ask me honestly, I am very shy to wear a hair wig because this is not

Springtown Park Texas-The Pences Family Day Out

My family and I took advantage of the nice weather today. It was a little chilly but nice. We enjoyed the swing, kiddos enjoyed running around, biking and I enjoyed taking photos all around the park.

My Husband Asked Me to Ride The Kid's Bike with Him


Teaching Your Kids to Pray

For me teaching your kids to pray is the best inheritance you can give to your children. Why, because when your children know how to depend on God you will not worry about them when they will grow up as adult people. It is been a practice

How Did I Apply the Bible Verse in Luke 10:19 Over My Sickness

I didn't seek medical help quickly before because I thought my body is capable to fight these severe allergies but it got worse so we went to our nearest Urgent Care. I didn't seek medical help before

Scariest Body Rashes-What is Happening To Me?

Life is full of surprises. Just like me today, I woke up with very itchy rashes all over my body accompanied by painful sore arms and legs where the most rashes are.

Celebrating Our Little Adam at The Drive Through Arbuckle Zoo-Part 1

Today, we took our son, Adam to the drive through feeding zoo at Arbuckle, Oklahoma which is two hours drive from Springtown, Texas. The kids were so

Little Adam Caught A Bigger Scarier Gigantic Spider