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Celebrating Our 11th Year Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our wedding anniversary in a restaurant in Forthworth. I just can't remember what is the name of that place. Beware! Signs of aging, 😂😄😅.

Thanksgiving at Springtown, First Baptist Church

Look What Amazon Does To Your Packages

When Amazon decided to just toss your package in your backyard and it happed that you have playful dogs. Here is what I got. 


Trying Taquitos Today

I am an amateur when it comes to baking and cooking. I am trying my best. Maybe I'll get better when I keep doing it. I gotta make these, my husband loves Mexican food. 


Ruffled Mermaid Cut Denim Long Skirt for Women

I am a short woman with 4'9 height and I weigh 128lbs. Anyway, I want to show you this mermaid denim skirt which is so fabulous. My friends and my husband adored this long denim ruffled skirt too.

Fashion Ruffled Black Blouse for Women

I love ruffles. If you are interested also in this black ruffled blouse, please CLICK ME in order to view the sizes and color options for this blouse for women. 

Fashion Black Earrings Party Jewelries Hoop Earrings

Black hoop crystal earrings are gorgeous. If you are interested also in these black crystal hoop earrings, PLEASE CLICK ME.

Only in Texas-I like Your Nice Dinner for Tonight

We were going to Walmart and bought groceries in Azle when we saw a car with a hunted deer at the back of this car. If I am not mistaken, all the intestine parts of the deer was

My Little Handsome Dude with His Fall Theme Warm Velvet Lining Checkered T-Shirt

Today, my handsome little dude wore his fall theme long sleeve t-shirt. The temperature here in Texas is very nice of 58-64 degrees but chilly willy wind. According to my little boy, the shirt is