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Visited Mom Roxanne's Graveyard

...TO LIVE IS CHRIST and TO DIE IS GAIN. Philippians 1:21

Bye Kansas for Now

Before we left Kansas I asked Uncle Troy, Logan, and her daughter Julian for a family picture. I love to know that I belong to the Funk-Pence family. We'll be praying for ya'll. We love yall and thank you for your generosity. 

December 28, 2020 At The Clinton Lake, Kansas

Uncle Allen Johnson was a former Chief of Firefighters before(Lawrence, KS). He served for 38 years if I remembered right. He, Aunt Robin, and Marley took us to Sir Rex Johnson's house(father of Uncle Allen). And from Sir Rex's house, approximately 3 miles away, where lake Clinton was located. It was terribly cold. Lake is manmade (1974) and it's beautiful! Wish we knew better to brought our thicker winter coats. 

Sia and Marley

Finally, Sia met Marley and they love each other like they been friends before. We are so glad that they like each other because most of the time nobody wants to play with Sia, it's all AJ. 

December 27, 2020 Lawrence, KS Beautiful Street Lights

After visiting Erica, Aunt Robin and Uncle Allen took us to Lawrence to see the beautiful street lights and it was beautiful. Saria was hoping to see Marley so bad but she wasn't there. According to Aunt Rob, she will see her tomorrow.

December 26, 2020-Aunt Robin and Aunt Bonnie Came

Wow, Aunt Robin and Aunt Bonnie
came to chat with us. That is very nice of them. Love it. My husband was baking breakfast sausage rolls. The very top photo is the picture of Uncle Troy from the left, my husband, and Aunt Bonnie.

December 25, 2020-Aunt Robin's House

Today, we went to see the Johnson family. Aunt Robin is married to Uncle Allen Johnson. We also meet Jake(uncle Allen's son), his wife, and Mash Potato their dog today.

December 24, 2020 Christmas Eve in Kansas

I was shy to take pictures today. Today was meeting the Funk family and Aunt Bonnie's family. We stayed in my husband's Uncle Troy. These pictures were taken after dinner at the house of Aunt Bonnie(my husband's Aunt). 

God Saved Us From Fire Including Our Neighbors

I was very thankful God saved us from the fire, including our neighbors. I wasn't thinking that I allowed my son to go burn the papers in the backyard not checking if it is windy. I was busy cleaning my storage room. The next thing I knew my husband came inside the house looking for me and said "Honey, what have you done?" 

2020 Christmas Pictures and Springtown Lights

Today is the second year that we visited the giant Christmas tree in Springtown town. Every year I think Springtown been decorating this place every Christmas. The open hall, the whole garden square of Springtown is gorgeous! You must come and visit this place at night time or take a walk with your wife just to see the lights. 

Keep Praying-Do Not Stop Asking

Keep praying, keep asking because your prayers are not being ignored by God. Those prayers are being heard by God and in His timing, He will answer them. I believed in the power of prayer. Prayer is one of the strongest weapons of Christian to carry all the time. You know there are many believers in Christ who are defeated. Even in their faces looks defeated. I know this because I been there. One of the reasons why Christians are defeated

Funny Facemask of The Pence Family

My family and I went to different stores today to pick a few items for our kids and food from Walmart. We all wore our new masks that I purchased online. My husband picked masks with missing teeth. I think that mask is very funny. 

Life Too Short

Life too short. Make the most of it. 

You do not know when is your last day is. 

Live your life with joy and peace in Jesus. 

Famous Ninja Turtles Facemasks for Tween Boys Ages 10-14

My little boy is 5'5 in height and 146lbs at the age of 11. That is why I made him bigger masks with a Ninja theme. I love the color of this cotton fabric. If you are interested also, PLEASE CLICK ME.

I Fight My Own Emotional Battles Through Prayer-Marriage Problems

Do you have any bad experiences in the past and it is hard to let them go? Or your spouse said something that hurt your feelings. I heard a teaching about mastering your emotion when I was in college.

Early Opening of Christmas Gifts

Our kids were begging me to open their gift since last week after Thanksgiving but I told them they can open their gifts on December first. I granted their wish.

New Masks That I Made Today

Today,  I made more of these masks. I like them because it's minimal and I can breathe easy compare to the first ones I made. These masks are easy to use. I have these extra cotton fabric used in my previous masks making in the last couple of months ago.

Celebrating Our 12th Year Wedding Anniversary

Earlier today my husband asked me if he can borrow my wedding ring. In my mind that was weird. And also requested me to

Christmas Masks

Dental Appointment-Pence Kiddos Turn

We cannot afford dental appointment before. God said ask and you will receive(Luke 11:9). We asked God to provide us extra money for dental necessities and He did provide money. 

Facemasks in November

Petchay Pakchoi Bokchoy In November

I must keep in mind that in order to enjoy more veggies next year I must plant Asian greens in September-October in order to have bok-choy during wintertime.

Dynamic Peacock Tops for Women


My Family Has Been Patiently Waiting For Me

The dentist started working on my teeth at
5pm and he was finally done around 6:30pm. My loving family has been waiting for me very patiently. Dear family, thank you for your support. I really appreciate your patience especially you Aj who eagerly wants to go home so you can play your game. Thank you, my dear boy. Very grateful to you all, Mommy.

Yay, God is Good-He Provided Us Money for My Missing Teeth

Today, I was very happy because I finally visited a dentist to fix my missing teeth. It is been 1 year since I lost my premolar teeth on the right side. So when I smile, you will clearly see my missing tooth. 

My Hairdo Today

Nah, I have nothing to do today so I was playing with my new hair accessory. I think I love it. I have very thin hair and I have a hard time making a hair bun. If you are interested in this hair bun, you will receive a brand new one with a tag, please contact me or you can PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME.

See The Best in People

October 2020 Flowers

Eating with Sia, Anne Scott and Christian

Daddy and Sia Are Partners When It Comes to Groceries

My daughter always follows his Daddy everywhere. Sia almost always goes with him to Brookshire for groceries. Many times I asked my husband to go ship my orders and Sia is always with him. Love them both. My family is the sweetest gift I ever had. I received this selfie today. 

Plaid Dress with Golden Chanel Pin Brooch

My Handsome Boy Pretending to Be Karate Kid


Online Guitar Lessons for the Pences


Largest Watermelon I Ever Harvest-Springtown Texas

Today, I went to pick my largest watermelon in my garden. I never thought that I will grow my own watermelon. Reaping the fruit of your labor is the joy of being a gardener. 

Only in Texas


Smokey Loves Talking to My Husband

 Every time we come home Smokey will run into my husband's side and start talking to him.

Kuya Aj's Birthday Part 2

11th Happy Birthday of Adam Jr-Open Letter

My dearest darling boy,
Happy, happy 11th birthday to you my son. I pray that you will grow in love for God. I proclaim success and prosperity in your life. I pray that you will be a blessing in this generation. You are a naturally funny

The Four of Us Went To Eat in a Korean Store

My friend Ann and his husband Scott invited us to shop at H-Mart in Carrollton, Texas. The boys wanted to stay so my daughter and I went. After shopping we got hungry so we decided to eat Korean food. The food was good and full of flavor. We ordered a lot of food but too bad I was shy to take a picture of their food. Oops, pardon my missing teeth.

My Husband and My Daughter Made Pandecoco For Me-Third Attempt Was Perfect

I have been ordering pan de coco(Philippine bread with grated coconut) from fellow Filipina in Azle. During the first attempt, my husband and my daughter secretly made pan de coco but the bread was kinda hard. The second attempt was burnt because they forgot to bake it at low temperature. Today is their third attempt and they did a good job

Good Daddy Teaching The Kids How to Cut Their Meat-The Mesquite Pit - Weatherford, TX

Today we went to Weatherford to have lunch in Mesquite Pit. Some people are still not wearing their mask that is why we choose the table which is a little distant from people. 

Growing Pak-Choi in Chinese-Petchay in Pinoy in Springtown, Texas

I ordered pakchoi seeds from Amazon and they grow well in containers or pots. The only problem I encountered is ants, caterpillars, birds, and grasshoppers eat them before you do. I love to sautee this vegetable with pancit canton(Philippine) or mixed it with sardine. If you are interested in purchasing these seeds, just click the link and lead you to the website of  Everwilde Farms.

My First Attemp To Plant Sayote (Chayote)-Springtown, Texas

Today, I attempted to plant two sayote(chayote) in a 5-galloon bucket. My fellow Filipino people call it sayote. I will see if I can keep them alive this incoming winter and transfer them directly to the ground if I can. I have no idea if this will work. I am having fun experimenting to plant sayote.

Baguio City, Philippine Made High Quality Handmade Pine Needle Pot Holders

I am selling these high-quality handmade pine needle potholders from the Philippines. Can be a gift to someone close to your heart that loves handmade things. Please contact me if you are interested or please click the link below. They are sturdy potholders.

Almost FREE WHITE DRESS-Give Away White Dress for Women

I am giving away this white dress to those who are interested. But please pay the shipping fee which is 4.99 dollars. If you live around Springtown, TX, come pick up the item if you are interested. Thank you. Just please leave nice feedback down below this short blog. First come, first serve. Come visit us:

Fashion Green Dress for Women with Wide Black Belt-Tank Dress

I took a picture of this beautiful green dress for women is ready for shipping. Limited stocks only.

Receive your order within 2-3 days.
I ship from the United States.
Brand new with tags.

Whew, Lemongrass is Coming to Life!-Growing Lemongrass in Springtown, Texas

Last August 10, I bought lemongrass from the Asian store
and I planted it the next day on August 11. I mixed a little sand, regular gardening soil, and perlite. Today, when I went to water my garden I saw some new leaves popping out. I am so thrilled to see that:) Check my last blog about this lemongrass

Benefits of LEMONGRASS:

Best Pictures of Today-My Kids and I Have Fun-Swing Pictures

Today is 100 degrees but we still went outside. Kids and I love to swing. I hope this month will be the last month of extreme summer hot weather. My husband was inside checking some videos in many ways how to prepare hotdogs. I take many pictures as I can because when wrinkles will decide to spread all over my face, at least I have the pictures to prove that I was once young. 

Canna Lilies Thrive Well in Springtown, Texas

I bought canna lilies from this guy in Weatherford named Curt through the Facebook market. I planted them directly to the ground last August 6, 2020 and they are alive and well. I water them generously. I am hoping for the best next year. Some of these cannas gave me beautiful flowers already:)