Meeting the Paris Family in Austin Texas

After visiting the Texas State Capitol Building today, we went to see my cousin Joyce and her family. Manang Joyce Wasit is a cousin of mine married to Manong Gilbert Paris. They have blessed with a with one and only daughter Gillean Paris. Manang Joyce came from a very wealthy family because her dad was a contractor. According to my Mom,

The Pence Family Visiting Texas States Capitol in Austin

Today, we are all excited to see Austin, Texas. On our way to Austin, my husband went to purchase a bag of bottled water for us in our journey. These kids were having fun with this slimy thing; little Adam was portraying a big mucus falling out from his nose. Yucky!

Anyways, I love my little family. Our children are very happy, funny in their own ways to make us mad, make us laugh too. The main reason why we are visiting these places is that the children wanted to post their photos in a journal book for historical places in their history subject.

Here we are Austin. So many selfie pictures. 

Celebrating Valentines Day in Alamo-Paloma Blanca Restaurant

This is our second visit in Alamo. As soon as we arrived in Alamo, we went straight to Paloma Blanca Restaurant. My husband heard that this restaurant serve good food. While we are waiting for the food to be serve my children and I went outside to take selfies. 

Making More Crochet Headbands for Newborn Girls

I think creating headband is easy. Pick your favorite cloth/fabric and start making a bow for your little girl. There are so many videos you can find on YouTube on how to make a headband for little girls. Mine is a crocheted technique. I love headbands and give it away to my customers. If they order a baby or girl's dresses, Fashion Pink Blouses Printed Hearts Beautiful Blouses for Women

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