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Baking the Most Tasty Banana Bread - Home Schooling Your Children

When it comes to baking, my husband and my daughter are the perfect teams. My husband has been teaching our daughter how to bake. Today, my daughter challenges her brother to bake banana bread with her. Though that bread wasn't pretty enough to say the tastiest banana bread ever, the aroma was so tempting, and when you started to chew you will salivate and taste it. It's Yummy! Banana bread is so good that these kids keep baking it for us. 

Building My Garden-Weeding and Building the Fence

My husband offered this corner part of our land as my garden. I used bypass looper to cut the bushes. I was excited about my garden. While I was removing the weeds, my husband and my little boy were doing the fence. 

Building My Garden-Making Garden Boxes

Why Did The United States of America Reach the Top of the List Being Infected of Covid19

Yesterday, my family and I decided to get out and buy some groceries after 2 weeks of quarantine at home. While we were in Walmart, I saw a man who was giving a mockery smile because we were wearing a mask. I ignored him because I know that it is better to be safe than to be SORRY. Maybe he thinks I was so dramatic having

Me at Forty

Happy birthday to me:)



I say Hoarding During the Pandemic is The Real Corona Virus-by Lyn Pence

We went to Brookshire store today and we were was shocked to see
the empty shelves all over the place. I say hoarding during the pandemic is the real coronavirus that makes the word scarier. I felt like those movies were enacted. I want to be honest, fear is creeping to my mind when I saw these. 

2020 Spring Trees In Our Backyard

These trees look like Japanese cherry trees when they bloom. These trees in my backyard are actually Bradford flowering pear trees. They look lovely. 

How Do I Manage My Fear From Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus outbreak last December 2019, many people got scared including me. I am a human just like you who have fears too. But by clinging to the word of God these fears are being replaced by confidence in God(salvation), trusting Him, and surrendering your life to Jesus of what lies ahead.

What Have Done Smokey

So, I ordered some free shipping supplies from USPS and the USPS delivery guy just left them in the front yard. I have a big giant silver can beside the gate for the delivery guy to toss whatever large orders coming. Of course, my dog tore it apart😠.

Happy 9th Birthday Sia Mia

Daughter, watching you grow is the very best thing in my life. I can't imagine my life without you. I believe that you will overcome every problem in life that you will encounter because you have a strong heart. Love and prayer, Mommy.πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

My Prank Family Peeped While I was in the Bathroom

Have you ever experience doing my own thing in the bathroom when a member of your family prank you? Ohh boy,