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Building My Garden-Building a Waterline for My Garden

My family worked hard for the waterline for my garden. Thank you so much, my family😍😍😍.

Black-Eyed Peas 2020

One of my favorite veggies that I grew up with is black-eyed peas. Filipinos love to add with any meat and it's delicious! 

Little Life is Popping Out of My Little Garden

Today I went to visit my garden and I saw little life popping out from garden boxes. I was so glad to see this little life in my garden. I am excited to see the result of it. I started with three boxes and eventually build my garden in my own style.  

Train Up A Child in The Way He Should Go-Proverbs 22:6

Every morning, I asked the kids to join me in my morning devotion. I believed in the word of God that when we train our children at a young age, it will be a part of them for the rest of their lives. I have no problem reading and praying in the morning because my Dad trained me too when I was a kid. There is a big influence you will impart to the life of a child when you lead them in prayer and devotion to God. Start it today and you will see the difference someday. Do not let your child grow in knowledge about God only but let them grow in connection with God by heart. GLORY AND HONOR BELONG TO GOD!

Repurposed Unsold Brand New Clothes To Beautiful Masks

I have some cotton adult dresses and kids' clothes that is been sitting in my storage room. I made a decision to turn them into masks since I have very limited fabric. I already placed an order on Amazon but it will take 2 weeks before it will arrive here. I went to check Walmart, Jo-ann, and Hobby Lobby, and some stores were closed. I tried to order online but they are out of stocks. 

Building My Garden-Installing Boxes and Planting Seeds

My husband installed the three boxes they made today. My husband dumped the garden soil and I raked them to make a nice flat surface. Then I planted tomatoes, spinach, and black-eyed peas. Yay, I was soo happy my wish had been granted to have a garden place. My 40th Birthday Wish Link.

Parcheesi Games and Barbeque


We Dressed Up Even We Can't Go To The Church Today for Easter Celebration

Today is the day to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. But because of Covid-19, many churches were closed so my family and I decided to dress up for selfies. Just to have pictures to keep for the years to come. We took pictures in our own backyard with these growing oak trees. 

Just after the picture taking, we went back to our house and watched our Online-Sunday Service. God bless us all. Stay safe.

Building My Garden-Wooden Gate

It's already 8:24pm when my wooden gate is done. I am very grateful that my husband and my little boy were working hard for that gate. Not fancy but functionalπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ˜.

My Very First Handmade Mask During the Covid-19 Pandemic Days

Since the coronavirus outbreak, the mask is gone. Some vendors sell their mask way too high price. And I thought maybe I can help to produce masks and sell them at affordable prices. Yes, I did, I started making my own pattern and build some mask. These masks that I modeled are masks without pocket filter and it is the very first ones that I made.  

Lavander Masks with Printed Purple Flowers Double Cotton

The very first masks I created during the very first break out of the pandemic. 

Sia Made a Mask for Her Doll Too

REALLY! Hanging Balls Only in Texas-LOL

We were driving down the road and my husband was pointing at the car ahead of us. Am I seeing that? My husband said it might be made of rubber or plastic. You are free to leave comments below. 

Sia and Smokey