Tuesday, May 19, 2020

During Quarantine I Made More Solid Color Masks for Men

During the quarantine days, I made more solid color masks for men. Most men asked for solid color masks so I ordered more fabric from Amazon. Because the ones that I ordered last March 2020 didn't arrive yet. It was frustrating
but what can I do? Before I have a very limited fabric to make masks. Some of the masks I made it out of my stocks which is sitting in my storage boxes for a long time. 
In addition to my 6 solid colors for men, I also sew a royal blue color today. Both men and women can wear this color. Some customer asks for the pocket filter so I made them the way they wanted too. I always keep my mask well made and with pleats for breathing purposes. Check the photos below. Anyways if you are reading my blog and want to try some of my masks, please order HERE. CLICK ME. Thank you very much for choosing my handmade masks.

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