Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Growing Giant Spinach in Springtown, Texas

I planted some vegetables last April 13, 2020. My husband and I were amazed by the size because I was expecting the smaller spinach which I normally buy from Brookshire. I realized that I planted giant spinach. I sauteed it with yellow onions for our breakfast. Of course, I am a Filipina so, plain rice is not missing in my breakfast, mmm yummy. 

Future black-eyed cowpeas 

Let see if these long green beans, green beans, will produce fruits. I planted the long beans in the box and I directly planted the green bean in the ground. I was playing around what thrives here in Springtown, Texas.
There are two uses of sweet potato here in the United States; the fruit which is an edible and hanging plant or garden decoration. In the Philippines, we ate the tops which are delicious and nutritious. My Mom used to say, eat camote tops to avoid anemia (sweet potato leaves is rich in iron when you are suffering from anemia). These sweet potato top leaves are also full of fibers that help you to visit the bathroom in the morning.

Here is my zucchini plant planted directly to the ground. I remember planting these in Arizona, they grow like weeds. They produce soo much fruit. I am the only person who loves vegetable and I end up giving them away to my friends.

These are my tomatoes. I love to watch them grow. I cannot wait to see them bear fruit for the next following months. I hope these plants won't let me down. 

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