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I am Disappointed with my Garden Result-Gardening in Springtown, Texas

I am not an expert like my Dad which people call him as the best gardener in Delles(La Union, Philippines) before. Back in Arizona, I have a little garden with cowpeas, long beans, sweet potatoes, and okras. My Arizona gardening gave me a better result than here in Texas.
According to my experience back in AZ, some vegetables did not bear many fruits because of the heat. I was expecting a better result here in Texas because of humidity and less heat compared to AZ. For the last couple of weeks, the temperature here in Springtown was 93-97 degrees Fahrenheit. I have been noticing that my plants are wilting due to excessive heat. (Arizona Gardening Link)
Texas flowering cowpeas

The picture above is a picture of a flowering long bean. It is discouraging to see my long bean doesn't produce enough beans because of the direct heat of the sun. I am also very disappointed because I only see three baby tomatoes in my garden. 

Please help me, what shall I do to protect my plants. Ideas, please? 

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