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My Husband Built a Trellis for My Gourd Plant

Today my husband built a trellis for my calabash gourd plant(upo in Tagalog). It is not as fancy as other trellis but functional. I tried to plant gourd if it will survive in my garden. Sometimes I think that some plants do not survive on me (lol). Thank you very much, my beloved husband, for the trellis :)

After one week, my gourd plant started to climb properly and saw baby gourd popping out. My happiness is very shallow. Even in small things, I see them pretty and gives me joy inside. (Picture taken 7-9-2020) 


After 2 weeks, I saw a surviving baby gourd. Hope it will grow larger for denengdeng-vegetable dish with fish sauce.(Picture taken 7-17-2020)

My garden is located in the far back of our backyard. It used to be full of thorn bushes but I cleaned it. I installed another fence wire on it for my future hanging plants. I also removed the brown trellis that you see in the picture. 

My husband made a new trellis for my cucumber and my long beans too. They are pretty. I like them a lot. 

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