Eating the Fruits of My Garden

Here in the United States of America or anywhere in the world they have specific breakfast to eat. I grow up in poverty which we are thankful to whatever is in our table. So, this morning since I didn't yearn for bacon, egg, or pancake (typical American breakfast).
I decided to cook veggies from my garden for my breakfast. I present to you sauteed long beans and sweet potato tops with onion. Of course, steamed rice is not omitted with my hot coffee for breakfast. Yummy to my tummy:) NAGIMASEN! TSALAP!

You know why boxing champion Manny Pacquiao always wins because he eats rice. I said that to my husband and he laughed. Filipino loves their rice because it stays in your tummy longer. It doesn't make you hungry very quickly. My husband said but rice is a carbohydrate, it makes people fat tummy. Look who among the people around the globe has problem with fat? Asian people who eats rice are skinnier than the rest of the globe. Anyways, remove the rice in the life of a real Filipino, they will die, lol. Just kidding!


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