Growing Beautiful Sunflowers-God of Wonders-Texas Gardening

I remember a few months ago, I planted these sunflowers directly to the ground.
 I like to play around what plants can be planted directly to the ground here in Springtown, Texas. I also wanted to know if these flowers needed some special care. Was curious and now I am enjoying the beauty of these sunflowers. I never had sunflower plants before. I measured this beauty and she is 8 inches wide not including the petals. 
Many times these flowers made me smile when I am working and just visiting my garden because of its size and bright color. Let us give praise to God, the Creator of these beautiful sunflowers. If you look closely at the sunflowers there are tiny florets that make the sunflower so wide. 

And by the way, they don't need special care. Just toss them in the ground, water them daily, pull the weeds under, and watch them grow and bloom. 

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