I Experienced Terrible Stomach Pain-God Have Mercy on Me

When it comes to health,
I have some issues too. Even when we were still residing in Arizona, I tried to visit a doctor but they cannot pinpoint what is my problem. When doctors diagnosed me they say, "You are perfectly fine.", I am nervous. I am nervous because I knew something is wrong with me. 
Like yesterday, I was in terrible pain in my lower abdomen area which nothing and nobody can comfort me. That excruciating pain is always on and off that nobody can comfort me. All I can whisper is "Lord, have mercy on me.". I have some strong pain killer tablets that my doctor prescribed me last year and that is what I used when severe pain attack me. I hate medicine but I gotta take it.

I also went for a general check-up including my chest because sometimes I experience sudden pain in my chest area which I feel like my chest is being squeezed. I will entrust my health to God since doctors cannot tell what is wrong with me. I MUST REMEMBER that my suffering is nothing compared to what Jesus faced at the cross.

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