Making My Own Compost in My Own Way-Lyn Pence

Making my own compost is actually made from the grass that my husband mowed. After mowing the grass in our backyard, I raked them early in the morning and dumped it in my compost bins and in the garden boxes. Wait for a few days, the grass will subside. On the top of the mowed grass, I added my gardening soil which is mixed with peat moss, humus, regular soil, and sand.

I find that adding the mowed grass allows to hold water inside and also it is a natural fertilizer to your plants in which plants grow vigorously. It also serves as mulch for your plants. I also have 2 blue bins where I dump all the kitchen scraps, leaves, mowed grass, small branches of trees, papers, and other things that can be decomposed. I am playing around with gardening and look at what is growing in my other barrel.


I find my garden much healthier with the compost grass and leaves around my backyard. In order to have a healthy garden, it needs patience but rewarding also. Note to me: 2 new boxes were created by my husband today.

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