Experimenting and Planting More Plants in Middle of July-Texas Gardening

My family and I purchased swan pots from a couple from Azle, Texas last week who were selling their house. I also asked if I can pull some of these bulb flower plants at their backyard and they said I can take any plants I want. Today, I planted some iris flower but I have no idea what color(I searched what bulb flower has very flat leaves). I have another bulb that I got from their backyard but I cannot identify it because it has no flower. 

Hope to see beautiful irises and lilies next year... we will see. 

July 21,2020. We went to see the lady who was selling a purple tongue (wandering jew) plant for 3 dollars only in her house. I end up spending 20 dollars on some plants from her. She also sold me a single stalk of purple heart plant. I will see if this will stay alive for me until next year and multiply. 

Last week I have been working on removing the weeds in one side of the garden for more corn and other veggies. Pickaxe and thick gloves are so helpful to me when doing heavy work in the garden. Without these two important tools, my garden is not made. 

After working and planting, I also added some more tomatoes, corn, and red kidney beans in my garden this July. Hoping for the best for the next 3 months. I hope it is not too late. Let us see what happens.

Picture was taken on July 22, 2020

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