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Sometimes I Mock At Myself or I Pity Myself Because Gardening is Also Hardwork

There are many times I mock at myself because my very dream
is to treat a patient in a nice dental clinic and it didn't happen. I have a profession in which if I go home right now in the Philippines, I can practice Dentistry. Sometimes I asked myself what am I doing here under the sun? I am sweaty and dirty. A nice clinic is way better than being bitten by mosquitos and chiggers in the garden. Talking to my patients is always simpler than sewing masks or managing an online business which some customers are very demanding. 

During my college days, my Mom always advised me to study hard so that someday I will have a white-collar job. My batchmates have their own dental clinic in the Philippines, nice houses, traveling around the world yet here I am in the garden. You know what when I pity myself or feeling nobody I must remember King David who encouraged himself unto the Lord. Instead of mourning his dead son, he got up, clean himself, eats, went to the house of the Lord, and Praise the Lord(2 Samuel 12:20-23). You think I am crazy, I talked to myself a lot(when nobody is around, lol). I command myself, to stop mocking and pitying myself, lol. I remind myself of Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians 2:10. 

But because I choose to take care of our kids and be a Mommy that is why I am now somebody to them. I admire many Mommies out there who work. I remembered our first and second years of our marriage(Adam Pence, Sr.) I was nagging him that I should be working also to help him. He let me choose, to work, or to take care of our children. I choose our children. Anyways, one thing that is hindering me to work here in the United States is I am a hearing-impaired person. 
September 27,2011
May 10,2015
By the way, my husband didn't send me to work under the sun, it is my choice. But there are many things that I want, like having a nice garden that is why I am doing it myself. I miss the vegetables that I used to eat in the Philippines. I like to take a deep breath and enjoy cool breeze under the shade of the trees I like to see blooming flowers around me.  
pakchoi(petchay) from my garden

yellow rose from my garden

a flowering little tree from my garden

Like our backyard; it has a circle garden but it was full of weeds. I contacted some guys in Offer-Up for a quote to build me a nice circle garden but their prices are way too high. I am not rich to pay them 3500-5000 dollars just to rearrange the stones and dump the sand on it. I made a decision to do it myself. It wasn't perfect but I am very happy with the result. I saved $3,500 which was the lowest offer in order to make my circle garden nicer.  I want a swing or a hammock in this area of our backyard.

I rearrange those stones by myself:)

I am still working on my circle garden. I will update my diary as the days go on. Anyway, I take gardening as exercise and stress-reliever. I take gardening as my past time. I may mock myself and pity myself but I am also being rewarded for whatever I put in my hands because of God's blessings. I may not be practicing my profession but I have a beautiful family and most of all we are all healthy. That is why I say to God be the Glory!

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Unknown said...

Amen, Lyn! Beautiful and well-put statement. We all are given a choice, sometimes just too stubborn to listen. Lol! Be blessed and take care.