Planting Lemon Grass/ Cymbopogon Grass-Silky Head Gardening in Springtown, Texas

August 11, 2020. I went with my friend Anne in the Asian market yesterday and I grabbed 2pcs of lemongrass.  I planted it in a regular soil mixed with perlite beads. I am very new to this perlite thing. There are 3 reasons why I enjoy lemongrass in my garden is first when I trim the lemongrass bushes, the aromatic smell of lemon is everywhere. Second, I like to add my fresh lemongrass on top of my cooked rice(when cooked rice is about to be done). Third, I like to boil the lemongrass as tea in the morning. 

I am curious if this lemongrass will grow like a healthy bush just like my AZ lemongrass. Let us see. I will update my journal about the lemongrass as I go.

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