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The Four of Us Went To Eat in a Korean Store

My friend Ann and his husband Scott invited us to shop at H-Mart in Carrollton, Texas. The boys wanted to stay so my daughter and I went. After shopping we got hungry so we decided to eat Korean food. The food was good and full of flavor. We ordered a lot of food but too bad I was shy to take a picture of their food. Oops, pardon my missing teeth.

My Husband and My Daughter Made Pandecoco For Me-Third Attempt Was Perfect

I have been ordering pan de coco(Philippine bread with grated coconut) from fellow Filipina in Azle. During the first attempt, my husband and my daughter secretly made pan de coco but the bread was kinda hard. The second attempt was burnt because they forgot to bake it at low temperature. Today is their third attempt and they did a good job

Good Daddy Teaching The Kids How to Cut Their Meat-The Mesquite Pit - Weatherford, TX

Today we went to Weatherford to have lunch in Mesquite Pit. Some people are still not wearing their mask that is why we choose the table which is a little distant from people. 

Growing Pak-Choi in Chinese-Petchay in Pinoy in Springtown, Texas

I ordered pakchoi seeds from Amazon and they grow well in containers or pots. The only problem I encountered is ants, caterpillars, birds, and grasshoppers eat them before you do. I love to sautee this vegetable with pancit canton(Philippine) or mixed it with sardine. If you are interested in purchasing these seeds, just click the link and lead you to the website of  Everwilde Farms.

My First Attemp To Plant Sayote (Chayote)-Springtown, Texas

Today, I attempted to plant two sayote(chayote) in a 5-galloon bucket. My fellow Filipino people call it sayote. I will see if I can keep them alive this incoming winter and transfer them directly to the ground if I can. I have no idea if this will work. I am having fun experimenting to plant sayote.

Baguio City, Philippine Made High Quality Handmade Pine Needle Pot Holders

I am selling these high-quality handmade pine needle potholders from the Philippines. Can be a gift to someone close to your heart that loves handmade things. Please contact me if you are interested or please click the link below. They are sturdy potholders.

Almost FREE WHITE DRESS-Give Away White Dress for Women

I am giving away this white dress to those who are interested. But please pay the shipping fee which is 4.99 dollars. If you live around Springtown, TX, come pick up the item if you are interested. Thank you. Just please leave nice feedback down below this short blog. First come, first serve. Come visit us:

Fashion Green Dress for Women with Wide Black Belt-Tank Dress

I took a picture of this beautiful green dress for women is ready for shipping. Limited stocks only.

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