Growing Pak-Choi in Chinese-Petchay in Pinoy in Springtown, Texas

I ordered pakchoi seeds from Amazon and they grow well in containers or pots. The only problem I encountered is ants, caterpillars, birds, and grasshoppers eat them before you do. I love to sautee this vegetable with pancit canton(Philippine) or mixed it with sardine. If you are interested in purchasing these seeds, just click the link and lead you to the website of  Everwilde Farms.

I remember in my childhood my mother used to plant this pak-choi in our front yard in Delles, Burgos, and those soldiers(CAFGU) come to purchase them. They like to sautee it with these dried small fishes or let say anchovies. Petchay/ Pak-choi has various kinds. I noticed that this kind survived the extreme heat of Texas. These plants need partial shade during the summertime. That is why I recommend it.

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