From My Garden to Yours-I am Selling Seeds Out of My Organic Garden

This is my first attempt to sell my own seeds from my garden. I have some seeds of Egyptian spinach, sunflower seeds, and okra available to ship today. If you are interested to purchase some of these seeds, please click the link below. It will lead you to my online stores.

1. Giant Sunflower Seeds. These are the pictures of my own sunflowers. Size is about 8-9 inches wide.

2. Okra Seeds. I love okra. I noticed that these okra are very generous. After 2-3 days gathering from the stem, new baby okra is popping out. Okra is too heavy.

3. Saluyot/Egyptian Spinach. I can have all the spinach as a replacement for the moringa. If moringa is not available, I like to eat some more of these because they are rich in iron. I am suffering from very low blood(anemia) and these are helping me to cope up. This Egyptian spinach has almost had the nutritional benefits as moringa. 

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