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October 2020 Flowers

Eating with Sia, Anne Scott and Christian

Daddy and Sia Are Partners When It Comes to Groceries

My daughter always follows his Daddy everywhere. Sia almost always goes with him to Brookshire for groceries. Many times I asked my husband to go ship my orders and Sia is always with him. Love them both. My family is the sweetest gift I ever had. I received this selfie today. 

Plaid Dress with Golden Chanel Pin Brooch

My Handsome Boy Pretending to Be Karate Kid


Online Guitar Lessons for the Pences


Largest Watermelon I Ever Harvest-Springtown Texas

Today, I went to pick my largest watermelon in my garden. I never thought that I will grow my own watermelon. Reaping the fruit of your labor is the joy of being a gardener. 

Only in Texas


Smokey Loves Talking to My Husband

 Every time we come home Smokey will run into my husband's side and start talking to him.

Kuya Aj's Birthday Part 2

11th Happy Birthday of Adam Jr-Open Letter

My dearest darling boy,
Happy, happy 11th birthday to you my son. I pray that you will grow in love for God. I proclaim success and prosperity in your life. I pray that you will be a blessing in this generation. You are a naturally funny