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Celebrating Our 12th Year Wedding Anniversary

Earlier today my husband asked me if he can borrow my wedding ring. In my mind that was weird. And also requested me to

Christmas Masks

Dental Appointment-Pence Kiddos Turn

We cannot afford dental appointment before. God said ask and you will receive(Luke 11:9). We asked God to provide us extra money for dental necessities and He did provide money. 

Facemasks in November

Petchay Pakchoi Bokchoy In November

I must keep in mind that in order to enjoy more veggies next year I must plant Asian greens in September-October in order to have bok-choy during wintertime.

Dynamic Peacock Tops for Women


My Family Has Been Patiently Waiting For Me

The dentist started working on my teeth at
5pm and he was finally done around 6:30pm. My loving family has been waiting for me very patiently. Dear family, thank you for your support. I really appreciate your patience especially you Aj who eagerly wants to go home so you can play your game. Thank you, my dear boy. Very grateful to you all, Mommy.

Yay, God is Good-He Provided Us Money for My Missing Teeth

Today, I was very happy because I finally visited a dentist to fix my missing teeth. It is been 1 year since I lost my premolar teeth on the right side. So when I smile, you will clearly see my missing tooth. 

My Hairdo Today

Nah, I have nothing to do today so I was playing with my new hair accessory. I think I love it. I have very thin hair and I have a hard time making a hair bun. If you are interested in this hair bun, you will receive a brand new one with a tag, please contact me or you can PURCHASE HERE, CLICK ME.

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