God said "ASK"

I was reading the book of Matthew chapters 16-21
and this verse hit me hard Matthew 21:22. So, I closed my eyes to restore America. This nation was once a God-fearing country or Christian country. If only all prayer warriors or anybody who has compassion for the United States of America will come to Jesus and we all join together in prayer, America will become great again. Even President Trump is not the president anymore, whoever will be the president, God has His own way to restore America if we believe. 

God also mentioned that if we have a little faith like a mustard seed, we can move mountains! What it means is whatever you ask in prayer, he will give it to us according to our faith. Right now prayer warriors if your faith is dying, or weakening RISE UP PRAYER WARRIORS! You are soldiers in the armies of God. God said ASK. Ask for more faith if you are doubting, ask for a larger faith like Abraham, like Daniel. ASK. Do not underestimate the command of the Lord, "ASK". Three letters that will change your life forever. Three letters that will change the future of America. 

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