January 2021-1 Gardening in Springtown, Texas

Today, I visited my garden and I do not know how to start because dried weeds are everywhere. My tools are everywhere since I never work in my garden for a couple of months since fall. This is the perfect month to spread cedar mulch all over my garden. 

There are some plants that survived in my garden such as tomatoes, aloes, moringa, lemongrass, and bok-choy. These bok-choy (petchay) with bright yellow flowers are well and blossomed.

My only lemongrass and some moringas barely surviving. I will see if they will come back this spring.

I did prepare 2 boxes today for spinach and bok-choy. Bok-choy is another delicious Asian green that we add to our meat most of the time. You can eat petchay by itself still masarap(delicious). My mother had 4 plots of them in our front yard in Delles, Burgos before. CAFGU armies used to come and buy this petchay (bok-choy) from her. 

I am so glad that my aloes are surviving, yay for me. I will see if I can multiply them this year. 

Gathered seeds from okra and saluyot(Egyptian spinach) today too. Lot of work to do but I don't mind. Love gardeningšŸ˜.

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