Love my Red Afro Hat

I love my afro hats. I love to wear beanies but since my skin is very sensitive to acrylic material or anything that is knitted or handmade so I tried to mix the acrylic yarn with the faux fur yarn. This is very friendly to my skin. So I posted and maybe some of you might love the afro hat. Just contact me for any custom orders. Thank you.  

I ship from the United States.

This item is READY FOR SHIPPING within 4-7 days

Handmade by me.

I ship via USPS.

I live in a clean and covid free home. 

Please leave positive feedback in my store.

Thank you for choosing

NOTE: I am very sorry the making of your hat takes 4-7days longer because I live away from the city.

My husband to drive me to get the materials to make your hat just in case you want to order this hat.

Please let me know if your order is rush or no. Thank you.

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