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Spreading Cedar Mulch in My Garden

My husband suggested spreading cedar in my garden to minimize weeds. It's been over a month since I spread the cedar and it works! Thank you, Honey, you are a supportive husband😍😘😘.(March 31,2021) Thank you also, AJ for carrying these cedar mulch to my gardenπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ😁. 

Growing Watercress from Cuttings

I purchased watercress from the Asian market
two weeks and look at them they are bringing hope in my eyes. One container set has no leave at all and the other lego container has top leaves only. Whew, maybe I can produce my own watercress from now on.

New CC Brooch on Hand

Snowpeas in My Garden

Lily Flowers in My Garden

My 41th Birthday-Naburelyaso Manen Ta Surprise Birthday

My husband invited Ann and Scott secretly. I have no plans for my birthday. The only thing I want to do is to work in my garden. So all day I was cleaning up my garden, planting and weeding my garden. My husband and my daughter have been busy cooking brisket all day also. I have no idea that they been working to put together a simple celebration for me. 

He Loves His New Grill

Wooden Truck Trunk - Kasta A Ti Original Nga Lugan

It is not common to see the back of the truck trunk made of wood. I think that is a cool idea to save money. 

My Husband Prepared The Best Salad Ever


Asking God to Provide Even Though You Already Have

I want to share with you our experience last month
when God provided us food to eat, water, and shelter. Here in America, everything is provided, food, water, shelter, transportation, and health care. But from February 14, 2021, onwards Texas didn't expect huge destruction like electricity was down, no water, no heat, and no food. ALL TEXANS THAT WEEK WERE IN SURVIVAL MODE.

My Circle Garden Needs Cleaning

Our 10 Year Old Little Lady

 Why did she grow so fast? 

Texas Chayote-Third Attempt to Plant Sayote-Chayote Here in Springtown, Texas

Lord, PLEASEEEE bless my chayote so that Ann and I will enjoy its fruit and tops in the future. We miss sayote-chayote tops that we use to eat in the Philippines. 

Everybody Loves Spring Time

I took some of the pictures of the growing plants around me. I have fun taking pictures of Smokey too and work in my garden. Hope these seeds will sprout next week. Pastime ay kanan di kankanaey.

Gardening Time

Today, I worked in my garden. Hoping for the best for the next following months.

My Handsome Baker Made Yummy Cookies Today

Lone Star KartPark Video


Lone Star Kart Park Day

Baby Sitting Brendon

I just want to help Anne because one time I called her after her work and she told me that she was babysitting a baby. I volunteered to take care of the boy to help Anne so that she can sleep. I knew that after her work she is extremely tired after working at the donut shop. 

Opps Nabisto! Narawet ti Cake ni Odelyn, Lol

It's obvious that I been eating that moist chocolate lava cake that my husband and Sia made last night:). 

Curly Bangs


Beautiful Navy Blue Cardigan with Little Stripes

This beautiful navy blue sweater is soft to your skin. It is high-quality and fashionable for all ages from teenage girls to adult women. This is made of cotton. Easy to wash. If interested please CLICK THIS LINK.

Beautiful CC Brooches

Please contact me if interested. Thank you. 

Happy Birthday to Our Dear Sia-Part 2

My friend Anne gave these beautifully made donuts for my daughter. They are so pretty and believe me these donuts are the BEST DONUTS here in Springtown. Go to Kay Donut near Higginbottom. 

Happy Birtday Sia-Part 1

Happy birthday to you our big-hearted girl. You are so kind and so sweet girl. 

New Haircut for Adam Jr

Why did he grow so fast? 

My Husband Made Salad for Dinner Today

Mexican style salad for dinner