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Asking God to Provide Even Though You Already Have

I want to share with you our experience last month
when God provided us food to eat, water, and shelter. Here in America, everything is provided, food, water, shelter, transportation, and health care. But from February 14, 2021, onwards Texas didn't expect huge destruction like electricity was down, no water, no heat, and no food. ALL TEXANS THAT WEEK WERE IN SURVIVAL MODE.
On February 13, when our water was frozen and my husband decided that we need to stay in a hotel for a while. So, my husband thought that we can come back the next day so we can check on our dog. But then a snowstorm struck Texas that we cannot go home. The only food we have was the snacks and hot dogs that we got from Walmart before we check-in the hotel. We ate decent food on February 14 around 5pm from Logans Roadhouse near Comfort Suits. February 15, 2021, we ate what is remaining in our small hotel fridge. Every Filipino they have their own survival instinct sometimes, lol especially when they want to save money. Good thing, I bought my rice cooker with us. I cooked rice and eat with the small smokies.

February 16, Comfort Suites kicked us out of the hotel.
Read my blog about what happened to us at Comfort Suites. Now, the Pences was nowhere to go. NO HOTEL MEANS NO WARMTH, NO SHELTER. That is the real danger that my family and I were facing that day. What will you do? I wanted to panic. I was nervous. My comfort zone was gone! But in the midst of the chaotic feeling I got, I prayed. We prayed as one family, and praise God, He provided us shelter. 

And I remembered my prayers in the past and even nowadays,
I still asked God to provide us money to pay our rent, buy food, pay our gas, pay our mortgages, and bills which is odd because we already have these things. You know why I still ask God? During our first five years of our marriage, we experienced electricity and water cut off because we do not have money or we were late paying the bills. We do not know what lies ahead so always ask God to bless you, provide you, and guide you. That is why we rely on God, who knows what is ahead. We rely on God because He is our GREAT PROVIDER. DO NOT RELY ON YOUR MONEY, YOUR HOUSE, YOUR TRUCK, AND YOUR SECURITY BECAUSE EVERYTHING ARE USELESS WHEN THESE THINGS ARE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU. And God has the power to strip you or bless you if He wanted to. Ask yourself right now, who do you rely on? I advise you to rely on the Lord Jesus, all the days of your life and you will experience COMPLETE PEACE AND SECURITY IN HIM. 


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