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My 41th Birthday-Naburelyaso Manen Ta Surprise Birthday

My husband invited Ann and Scott secretly. I have no plans for my birthday. The only thing I want to do is to work in my garden. So all day I was cleaning up my garden, planting and weeding my garden. My husband and my daughter have been busy cooking brisket all day also. I have no idea that they been working to put together a simple celebration for me. 

My husband kept telling me to come in around 5pm so we can read our Bible early so we all go to bed early. My husband was telling me also that dinner will be ready at 5:30, so I must go take care of myself. So, I did what my husband requested. I was reclining when I asked a question my son and he accidentally told me that Ann and Scott were coming. Opsss! That is why it's no longer a surprise birthday, hahaha. I already knew about it. I don't know that everybody was busy inside the house while I was outside gardening.

Thank you husband, Sia, and Aj for working hard for my birthday. Love the brisket, grilled corn, and the dream cake. I don't know that they were making the dream cake for me too:).

Ann and Scott, thank you for coming. We don't have much food but we hope you like the food. 

God is good for 41 years taking good care of me. I pray for more years to celebrate God's goodness in my life. 


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