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MRI in Weatherford, Texas

Today, we went to Weatherford for my MRI. Last week my husband went to a doctor for a check-up because my ears were very painful. Aside from being painful, I felt that my ears were clogged like when you're in an airplane. I barely hear people when they talk. Am I officially totally deaf now? lol. My doctor requested an MRI of my head. 

So, while laying down inside the MRI machine I remembered that all throughout our marriage my husband never left me when it comes to doctors' visitation and even during my pregnancy. My husband is always with me. I am very thankful for that. God gave me a good husband who is very patient to take me to the doctor, speak for me to the doctor, and everything. GOD IS GOOD!

After MRI that took 45 minutes inside that tube, my husband told me that he's been there beside me. 

"Thank you very much husband for being good to me. God bless you. I love you more."

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